Best Places to Take Christmas Card Photos


Capturing that perfect Christmas card pic can be quite hard to do. In fact, it may seem impossible especially when you are trying to get your dog in the photo. That pooch just won't look at the camera and smile! Keep those warm and fuzzy thoughts in the forefront because no matter what silly face your dog is making, if you have a great Christmas background, the end result will be pawsome. Read on for the best places to take Christmas card photos this year!

Local Portrait Studios

Head to a professional photography studio to get some warm and fuzzy pictures of your dog for your Christmas cards. During the holidays, many portrait studios will have beautiful Christmas scenes set up to act as the background for your dog's photo shoot. While you'll have to pay a little for the photos, the cards will be worth it!

Favorite Park

Bring your dog to their favorite park and let them run and play as usual. Take pictures while your dog plays without staging a photo. Snap shots of your dog in their natural environment, frolicking with joy and merriment. The happiness in these photos will bring a smile to everyone's face when they receive their Christmas cards in the mail.

Close Up

It doesn't matter where you are for this photo shoot idea. Put some antlers or a cute Santa hat on your dog and get an extra close shot of their face, focusing on those smiling eyes and Christmas grin. Getting a charming picture of your dog's cute mug will make for a funtastic card this Christmas!
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Comfy Home Shoot

Create a warm and cozy scene at home for your dog to make a heart-warming Christmas card. Invite your dog to lay on a fluffy blanket in front of the fireplace with stockings hung in a row. If you don't have a fireplace, have your dog lay on a blanket surrounded by presents. A home photo shoot is easy and can make a stunning Christmas card.

Mountain Top

Grab your pup and head out on a winter hike up a nearby mountain. When you get to the top, have your dog sit with the view below in the background. Your dog will look like they are on top of the world and the winter scene will be ideal for your Christmas cards. You can even photoshop in some snow if you'd like!

Indoor Lights

One of the easiest and prettiest Christmas card photos you can take is right at home. Find a spot in your house where you can hang lights all over a wall, then place your dog in front of the radiant display and snap away. This is easy and fun in addition to being very festive. You can't go wrong with lights in the background!