Keeping your Dog off the Naughty List


With all of the excitement in the air at holiday time, it's only natural that your dog will sense the vibe and want to get in on the action. If the kids are wound up, then the dog is bound to be, too! How do you keep your dog off the naughty list and prevent them from getting only coal for Christmas? Don't make too many changes in their routine or put temptation right in their lap, that's how. We've got a few tips to keep your dog out of trouble and on the nice list!

Trim the Tree

When choosing where to place your Christmas tree and deciding how to decorate it, keep your dog in mind. Set up the tree in an area that won't call your best buddy's attention to it at every moment. For instance, placing the tree in front of the window that your dog usually looks out of every day spells trouble!

No Mistletoe and More

To avoid a sick dog or an expensive veterinarian visit, forgo decorating your home with plants that may be toxic to your pet. Santa won't mind at all if the house is empty of mistletoe, holly and ivy. Though traditional Christmas plants are festive and green, leaving these and other noxious plants out of the picture will make the season merrier for you and your dog!

Extra Exercise

The well-exercised dog will have no reason to be on the naughty list this year. Keep up the exercise routine; it's just as important at this time of year as it is year round. Go for an extra walk around the block every day. This will help keep you merry despite the business of the season and your pup will be too tired to get into mischief!
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Christmas Companionship

Don't neglect your best buddy just because you are all wrapped up in the festivities. Include your dog in all that you do. Are you running errands? Bring your dog along. Hanging the outdoor Christmas lights? Invite your dog outside while you do it. Your dog will pawsitively love being a part of the Christmas preparation, leaving no time for destructive tendencies to surface!

No Temptation

Remove the temptation! Don't leave the gingerbread house or Santa's cookies and milk within reach of your dog. Never leave your pup alone in a room laden with wrapped gifts. Don't decorate the tree with popcorn garland. These may seem like simple statements but it is easy to forget. Be on top of your game and don't place temptation in your dog's path!