How to Take the Best Christmas Card Photo


If you dream of the perfect Christmas card featuring a photo of your dog, you may be wondering how to make that holiday wish come true. It isn't the easiest task to get a festive howliday picture of your dog that looks just the way you want it to and we bet you will welcome any tips or tricks that would make capturing that Christmas magic moment easier. This guide will help you take the best Christmas card photo of your dog. Unleash some joy and get snapping!

Treats and More Treats

Get your dog to look at the camera by holding a treat right next to the camera itself. Have your dog sit (preferably surrounded by Christmas decorations, snow, Santa, presents and lights) and then hold up a dog treat while repeating "stay....stay....stay...". Hold the treat near your camera so your dog's eyes are staring right into the lens as you snap away!

Sleeping Shot

Rather than chase your dog around trying to capture the perfect Christmas card photo, why not get a picture of them while they are cuddled in a cozy nest, dreaming of sugar plums and chasing reindeer? A sleepy, happy pup makes a beautiful and idyllic Christmas card photo. Let sleeping dogs lie and frame the peaceful scene.

New Toys

There is nothing your dog loves more than a new plaything, so try to capture your pup's happiness in a picture. Set up a nice photo-worthy Christmas scene and then throw a new dog toy directly in the center. Snap some photos as fast as you can to capture the pure joy on your dog's face as they merrily run for their new toy.
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Snowball Catch

There is nothing more fun than seeing a dog try to catch a snowball. Put a festive collar on your dog, or maybe even a red and green coat and head out in the snow with your camera. Throw a few snowballs in your pup's direction and try to snap a picture of them jumping, mouth wide open, trying to catch something that will just disappear!


Santa hats, reindeer antlers, giant bows...anything that you can put on your dog's head will be sure to make a photo more jolly and Christmas card worthy. Find some nice head-gear, put it on your dog to make them look furry and bright and poof - your Christmas card photo will be perfect for sending out to friends and family!

Box Them Up

Everyone has always dreamed about getting a puppy for Christmas, so why not give your card recipients exactly that? Take a photo of your dog inside a Christmas box and then send the picture to everyone on your list. They will be surprised to get some cheerful canine mischief for Christmas and will be singing Ho, Ho Howl as they hang their card!