Ways to Decorate Your Dog's Crate for Christmas


One of the magical moments of Christmas is the opportunity to decorate your house. You put up an amazing Christmas tree, hanging the fairy lights and the beautiful ornaments you spent so much time picking. If you are really into holiday decorations, you probably also have lawn ornaments as well, but did you forget about your dog? Your pup deserves to have their crate bedecked in the spirit of Christmas. They will love what you do to their little house, and you and your family can have a lot of fun thinking of decorating ideas, getting the supplies, and finally, making your dog’s crate the prettiest crate in the neighborhood!

Gingerbread House

Yum alert! Giant gingerbread house on the loose! If you want to combine the delicious and cute, make a huge gingerbread house out of your dog’s crate. Get a large cardboard box, and another one for the roof. Use a glue gun to make a house shape, then paint the cardboard to add in the candy canes and gum drops, and cut out gingerbread men.

Red Crate Cover

One of the easiest decoration ideas is to purchase a red crate cover and add little trinkets to it to make it Christmassy. You can buy pins and stickers shaped like Christmas trees, ornaments, gingerbread men, and candy canes to spice up the red cover. Put a nice red and white pillow inside for added comfort and color.

Christmas Plush

Probably the best feeling in the world is laying down in a soft bed, warm duvet covering you, and soft pillows hugging your neck for the ultimate comfort. So, if we humans love it so much, so should dogs, right? This Christmas, invest in white and red plushy bedding and pillows and put them in your doggo’s crate. They’ll love the new five-star lodge they have!

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Ruff and Rugged

To give your pup's crate a totally festive feel, purchase a Christmas themed doormat or rug and put it on the floor of the crate. Get creative with your choice. For example, choose one that has Santa and his reindeer on it. Then buy your deserving a pup an early Christmas present: a dog-safe Santa and Rudolph plush toy to place inside as well!

Fresh Flowers

Because of the need to be careful with glass ornaments and tinsel, a dog owner may hesitate to decorate in the holiday season. Luckily, fresh flowers are a good bet, so long as you choose the safe kind. Roses, daisies, carnations, daffodils, or sunflowers will be pretty additions to your dog’s crate. Of course, always keep an eye on your dog, so they don’t eat the flowers.

Paper Ornaments

Paper and food coloring go great together when it comes to decor. Instead of using traditional ornaments that can hurt your doggo if they break, paper is completely safe, and combined with food coloring, absolutely poison-proof! Get some red and green food coloring, and paint and cut out holly, candy cane shapes, and a wreath you can then paste on your doggo’s crate.