Christmas Card Ideas With Your Dog


Tis the season again, the season of creating and sending the most amazing Christmas cards! Time to dust off the camera and start brainstorming about your next holiday greeting. We suggest your family Christmas card not only feature human smiles this year but doggo teeth as well! We all know that Christmas prep can be stressful with finding the right tree, cooking dog-safe foods, and decorating the house in a dog-friendly way, and now you have to gather everyone to take a good photo! Send a pawsome holiday greeting by looking at the suggestions below.

Coordinate the Clothes

One of the simplest, yet, most effective ideas when planning the Christmas card photo shoot is to coordinate your outfits! Your family can agree on the color scheme, the clothing items you will wear, even the hats you can all put on. Adorn your holidog with a matching bow or tie  They will surely agree with any color you choose!

Funny Hat Photo

One of the funniest pictures you, your family, and your doggo can take together is a photo with hilarious hats! Santa or elf hats, candy cane fascinators, reindeer antlers, or even non-Christmas themed ones such as a pirate, emoji, animal, or movie theme (like Shrek, for instance) will work. Just imagine how funny your pupper will look with a little elf hat on!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo

Christmas parties in homes around the country feature one key item ‚Äď an over the top, ugly Christmas sweater! If you are blessed to have your grandma knit them for you and your dog, perfect ‚Äď you will get both a photo prop and a nice reminder of your lovely gran. But, you can also DIY the sweaters with your family and get super creative with them!

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Doggy Wreath

Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful green wreath, and nothing says love like your cute pup! You can combine these two symbols of love and selflessness by taking a photo of your doggo with a wreath around their neck! Add in a big red bow for the wow factor, make your doggy smile, and you got the best Christmas card in the world!