How to Keep your Dog Active During the Holidays


Holiday time means mountains and mountains of delicious food, tasty snacks, and paw-licking treats! During Christmas, you get all domestic and cook, bake, and roast the most decadent dishes ever. It is very easy to forget about physical activity and gain a LOT of weight. And while that might be okay for us humans as it takes a little while for the changes to matter, dogs are a completely different story. In order to prevent health issues, your doggo needs to be active even during the holiday season, so take a look at these ideas on how to keep off the couch and motivated this Christmas!

Holiday Run

Your city or town probably has one of those Christmas themed races or marathons you and your active pup can participate in. There is often a sweet prize involved for the winner, but even if you do not win, it will be very beneficial for the both of you just to do some competitive running! Your doggo will surely love it!

Family Fun

Gather the family and plan an entire day frolicking in the vast outdoors together! Everyone can think of an activity that will be fun for both humans and dogs, and spending some quality time together will surely mean the world to your pup! Take your camera with you as well and snap fabulous photos you can use for your Christmas card!

Snow Show

There is nothing a canine loves more than to have some good old-fashioned fun in the snow. Chasing after snowballs, making snow angels, or just burying themselves in the white snowdrift will make them happy. Your merry dog will run around barking, so try to keep up! Whoever catches the most snowballs is a winner and gets to have the tastiest treat back home!

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Fresh Air

If you are in the Christmas spirit but not up for strenuous physical activity, you can opt for a nice, relaxing walk outside. Getting some fresh air will be good for both you and your pup, and they will definitely appreciate a long walk instead of a night on the couch. Just bring their leash, some treats if needed, and get outside for a little while. 


Just like in the Christmas rom-coms, you can have a doggy playdate! If you are visiting your hometown and you are a career-oriented individual, having a doggy playdate with an enticing human and their dog can make you rethink your choices and fall in love under the snowflakes! And who knows, maybe your doggo will find the paw of their dreams too?