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What are Natural Ear Infection Remedies?

The ears are an incredibly important part of a dog's sensory system, allowing them to hear even the faintest of sounds with almost unrivalled clarity. However, due to the usually open nature of the dog's ears, it is not uncommon for dirt and dead skin cells to build up inside them, providing an ideal home for bacteria and parasites. If left untreated, these can cause extremely unpleasant symptoms for the dog and can even lead to a significant, permanent loss of hearing. In order to combat these conditions, some owners prefer to use natural alternatives to synthetic medication - utilizing the chemicals found in common herbs and vegetables to fight off ear problems.

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Natural Ear Infection Remedies Procedure in Dogs

When applying a topical solution to infected tissue, the first step is to clean the target area of dirt and debris, making it much easier to get a good amount of coverage. Next, the owner will manually apply the ointment they have made to the affected area, making sure to avoid letting it pool (which can further accumulate debris). It is then left in place for several hours before being washed off by bathing the dog. Bathing the animal is especially important in the event of mite infestations, as this will help wash away survivors that may be hiding elsewhere on the animal's body.

Efficacy of Natural Ear Infection Remedies in Dogs

Unfortunately, natural solutions to infection and infestation are not regarded as being very effective. Whilst a remedy such as cider vinegar may be able to handle a milder case of mites, it would be hard-pressed to deal with a full-blown infestation. Modern pharmaceuticals are much more effective and will bring much faster relief. The itching caused by mites can be done away with quite fast if a specialized shampoo is used to kill the creatures. Similarly, bacterial infections will require especially prompt treatment in order to prevent serious damage to the animal's hearing and to stop the infection spreading further into the body.

Natural Ear Infection Remedies Recovery in Dogs

The rate of recovery differs substantially depending on the level of severity of the infection. Bad cases can take a while for the dog to get better, as the tissues of the ear take time to heal and can be prone to reinfection. That said, as long as there is no permanent damage sustained, the dog should return to normal within the space of a month. The vet will most likely want to arrange a follow-up appointment after a few weeks have gone by in order to check that the dog is healing well and to make sure that there has been no permanent damage to the animal's hearing. 

Cost of Natural Ear Infection Remedies in Dogs

One of the main advantages of foregoing pharmaceutical treatment methods in favor of natural remedies is their relatively low cost. Oregano oil for instance, can be obtained for around $30 or less per bottle. Even less expensive is apple cider vinegar, which can be used to inexpensively perform long-term treatment of ear parasites. However, extremely effective synthetic options are also relatively low cost, with specially formulated canine shampoos available for under $30 per bottle and antibiotics often costing under$50 for a full course of pills.

Dog Natural Ear Infection Remedies Considerations

Despite the proven utility of natural remedies, many dog owners worry that they are simply not very effective compared to modern medicines. This fear is quite justified, as natural remedies are typically quite slow-acting and can allow an infection or infestation to progress to a more advanced level if not performed properly. Additionally, when dealing with tissues as delicate and important as those found in the ears, it can be of the utmost importance to reach a speedy resolution. This means that conventional drugs are perhaps better suited in all situations except the most minor of parasite infestations.

Natural Ear Infection Remedies Prevention in Dogs

Whilst many dogs will go their entire lives without experiencing such a health problem, some breeds (such as Basset hounds and mastiffs) are especially prone to ear infections, meaning that owners should take the time to regularly inspect and clean their ears to prevent the buildup of dirt that can allow harmful bacteria to gain a foothold. Additionally, poor nutrition and general health can leave an animal with a compromised immune system that cannot fight off hostile bacteria. By making sure that their dog enjoys a good diet and plenty of quality exercise, owners can sidestep a large array of health problems.