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What are Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies?

Urinary tract infections are painful for your dog. Catching a UTI early is imperative for the dog’s comfort as well as to obtain proper treatment. If caught early, several natural remedies can be used to treat your dog before rushing off to the veterinarian for potentially unnecessary antibiotics.

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Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Procedure in Dogs

Herbal Remedies

There are several safe herbs to give your dog during the painful time of experiencing a urinary tract infection. There are several anti-inflammatory herbs readily available in your local health food store. Juniper berry helps to filter impurities in the kidneys causing the dog to urinate more and ridding the body of toxins which may cause the UTI or inflammation. Urva ursi is a natural astringent helping with any minor bleeding or inflammation. Parsley leaf is a diuretic which can also increase the production of urine helping the dog rid the body of toxins causing pain and inflammation. Marshmallow root is an herb which attacks bacteria and reduces inflammation. 

Diet Changes/Additions

Cranberry and blueberry are great preventive foods which can be easily added to your dog’s diet to keep bacteria away from the dog’s urinary tract.

Apple cider vinegar can be added to your dog’s water bowl in small amounts to help control the bacteria. Balancing your dog’s pH levels can also be accomplished by adding fresh lemon juice to their water bowl. Feeding your dog a healthy diet with high moisture content will also assist in cleaning out the urinary tract and keeping their system healthy. Always be sure to provide your dog with plenty of fresh drinking water. Flushing the urinary tract will be the best prevention your dog has against developing recurring urinary tract infections.


Your veterinarian can recommend products to supplement your dog’s diet. Your local pet store may also have various products you can offer your dogs as treats or add to their meals to help prevent or to ease the pain of urinary tract infections. Most of these products will be homeopathic formulas which include ingredients such as cranberry, echinacea, or other herbs to remedy inflammation within the dog’s urinary tract.

Time for Rest

If your dog is showing early signs of a urinary tract infection, you can begin natural treatment right away. While treating the UTI, be sure your dog gets plenty of rest and drinks lots of water. Keep your dog comfortable and without extra activities will help him recover quickly.

Efficacy of Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies in Dogs

So often, the symptoms of urinary tract infections are not the result of true bacterial infections, but rather inflammation of the bladder or crystals in the urine causing pain. Herbal remedies can be effective in changing the pH balance necessary to make your dog comfortable. Reducing inflammation with herbal supplements will help your dog feel better and heal from a urinary tract infection. If your dog is susceptible to multiple urinary tract infections, preventive care might be necessary to keep from having treat and retreat.

If your dog does not urinate for 24 hours, it is imperative to see your veterinarian.

Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Recovery in Dogs

Rest for your dog during treatment is important. However, also allow your dog outside to urinate frequently as they are treated. Cleaning out the urinary tract during this time will be imperative to creating the correct pH balance for a healthy urinary tract.

Once your dog is feeling better, begin to add cranberries and blueberries to their meals. Some natural food brands offer food formulas specifically designed for urinary tract issues and are created with natural foods for a healthy urinary tract.

Cost of Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies in Dogs

Healing a condition naturally much of the time only requires the cost of the herbal remedies. These remedies can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 for treatment, but it may take a few treatments for full recovery. Add to that, additional cost of supplements for preventive care, which could be as simple as the expense of a package of cranberries and a pint of blueberries a week to the added costs of pet store or veterinary recommended supplements, and you could be spending an additional $10 to $30 a month for ongoing maintenance and preventive care.

Dog Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Considerations

Urinary tract infections are painful and need to be taken seriously. If caught and treated early, you can stop the pain and potential infection before your dog needs veterinary care. However, if your dog has experienced urinary pain and signs of a UTI for longer than a few days, see your veterinarian for an exam and urine tests to identify underlying infection or health conditions. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or other medications. Discuss the safety of natural treatments along with, or in lieu of, prescribed therapies in order to provide the most effective and appropriate treatment.

Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Prevention in Dogs

A healthy diet and access to ample water is imperative for your dog’s overall health. Urinating is the best way to clean out your dog's urinary tract naturally, so allow your dog to eliminate as necessary. Holding it in may cause potential problems for your dog.

Keeping your dog on a healthy diet with whole foods and balanced protein with healthy vegetable carbohydrates can improve their overall health as well as their urinary tract. Adding fresh blueberries to their food bowl can decrease the risk of developing urinary tract infections in the future. You can also add cranberries or give your dog cranberry pills to help prevent future urinary tract infections.

Hygiene is essential for a healthy dog. Bacteria can grow in dirty genital areas, causing inflammation or infection. Your dog needs healthy bacteria, so adding a probiotic to their food by way of probiotics sprinkled over their food or fresh yogurt for a treat is easy to do and can improve the healthy number of bacteria in your dog’s gut. There are many ways to prevent urinary tract infections. Pay attention to your dogs and know the signs they offer when they are not feeling well.

Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Questions and Advice from Veterinary Professionals

American Staffordshire Terrier
12 Years
Mild condition
0 found helpful
Mild condition

Has Symptoms

Vulva discharge

Ive noticed that my 12yr old female dog tends to have a clear mucus discharge come out her vulva. Can this be due to a uti? 8yrs ago she was diagnosed with urinary incontinence which resolved itself. She doesn't have trouble emptying her bladder and tends to sniff around in the grass and squats to pee more. Could she be marking her territory?

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6 Months
Mild condition
1 found helpful
Mild condition

Has Symptoms

Urinating In House


My dog keeps urinating while she is asleep, she has ample amounts of water and I take her out to pee regularly. She does not seem to struggle and when she does pee, it is usually a good amount of urine. Is it hormonal or a UTI?

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American Bulldog
6 Years
Mild condition
0 found helpful
Mild condition

Has Symptoms

Blood In Urine
Loss of Appetite

Hello my dog is six his name is kujo today i noticed when he pee'd it was bloody, i noticed it looked like he had no pain while urinating no wimper or cry,but he does have a little loss of energy.i read online it is most likely a UTI and it is uncommon for it to be cancerous. I am debating if i should do a home remedies for a week to see if it cures it or should i take him to the vet immediately??

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pit bull terrier
14 Years
Mild condition
0 found helpful
Mild condition

Has Symptoms


My dog's vulva is covered by her saggy skin so my vet believes this is causing the bladder infections. He gave me a cream to place on the vulva after I wipe it with a baby wipes. Is there a natural cream that I could use? Supplement that I can add to her diet? I give her natural yogurt at every meal. The vet says there is a surgery to remove the excess skin but she is so old, I don't want to put her through that.

Dr. Michele King, DVM
Dr. Michele King, DVM
1611 Recommendations
If the skin around Oreo's vulva is harboring bacteria and causing urinary problems,, it would be best to follow your veterinarian's advice and see if the medicated ointment helps to precent infections. I hope that she is okay.

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3 Years
Mild condition
0 found helpful
Mild condition

Has Symptoms

Blood In Urine

Medication Used

Taking baytril 136 mg (1 and 1/2 ta

Our 3 year old female spaded retriever mix has a UTI.She was squatting to urinate frequently & I saw blood in the snow where she urinated.
Her first UTI was 10/2017.
She is on baytril daily and florti flora daily now.
Should we clean her groin daily & with what natural product?
Will daily yogurt prevent a problem in the future?
Anything else we can do naturally?
She eats Blue Buffalo adult dry food. I add water to it.
We live in northern IL.

Dr. Michele King, DVM
Dr. Michele King, DVM
1611 Recommendations
Thank you for your email. Dogs will occasionally get uncomplicated UTI's that resolve with appropriate antibiotic care, and may not need ongoing care for that problem. I'm not sure if she has been on Baytril daily since October, but if so, that is not a normal UTI. Conditions that may complicate the situation and make it so that the UTI doesn't resolve include bladder stones which can be identified typically with an x-ray or ultrasound, or a resistant infection, in which case a culture of her urine will identify the antibiotic most appropriate for her. Adding water to her food helps, to keep her urine more dilute. There are urinary prescription diets that she may benefit from as well. Depending on her anatomy, she may also benefit from daily cleaning with a gentle cleanser around her vulva to remove any bacteria that might be problematic. I hope that some of those suggestions help you work with your veterinarian to resolve this issue for her.

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