Top 10 Dog Breeds that Love to Dig

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All doggos like to dig. They dig holes to hide their bones or toys from other dogs, or dig at the ground when they smell something. Some pups even dig holes big enough that they fit inside. Many of these pooches, such as Terriers and Beagles, are bred to dig because they are hunting dogs who are looking for rabbits or foxholes. More often though, your canine kid is digging because they are bored and have nothing else to do, or is trying to dig a tunnel to get under the fence and escape. Need or digger or avoiding one? Here's the top 10 dog breeds that love to dig.

#1 Jack Russell Terrier

Well known for their television star appearances like Frasier and Wishbone, these tiny Terriers are also number one in the digging category. These pawesome pups may be small, but they can dig a huge hole in your yard and will do it over and over again. They may be hunting, looking for something, or just bored.

#2 Dachshund

Bred to hunt and dig, these long pupsters may have short legs, but they can dig big holes. They’re also stubborn and may need some obedience classes to help them understand why digging up your garden is a no-no. It’s best just to give them an area where it is okay for them to dig as much as they want.

#3 Jackshund

If you combine a Dachshund with a Jack Russell Terrier, you get a very hyper pup with a desire to hunt and dig. Both breeds are mischievous pooches who have been bred to hunt burrowing animals like rabbits and foxes, so their hole digging is just a part of their DNA. Giving them a special spot to dig is best for the Jackshund.
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#4 Cairn Terrier

The pooch from the Wizard of Oz is a pawpular pup, but they are so full of energy that they need to stay busy, or they will develop bad habits like chewing or digging. A hunter at heart, digging is built-in, and like the others, they don’t do it to be bad, it’s just an instinct.

#5 Doxie Cairn

The Doxie Cairn is a hybrid breed combination of the Dachshund and the Cairn Terrier, which is an adorable bundle of energy. Since both these bouncy breeds are hunters, digging is instinctual, so if you don’t provide an area for them to dig, you better have enough time and energy every day to wear them out.

#6 Toy Fox Terrier

This tiny Terrier can be a terror if they get into your garden and start digging. These pawpular pups have been known to dig dozens of holes in under an hour because they are looking for foxes. It’s in their blood, so you either have to roll with it or provide your Toy Fox with a place where it’s okay to dig.

#7 Airedale Terrier

This Terrier is the largest on the list, and they can dig some humongous holes while looking for prey in your yard, or anywhere else they happen to be. Sometimes they just do it because they are bored, so it’s impawtant to keep your pup busy and make sure they get plenty of exercise.

#8 Beagle

Whether they’re looking for rabbits or hiding a bone, Beagles love to dig. As a hound dog, they are bred to hunt, and most of their prey is underground, so of course that is what they are going to do when given the chance. Keep them busy with other activities, other pets, or give them their own digging spot.

#9 Doxle

This designer breed is a blend of the Beagle and the Dachshund, and since they both hunt prey that live in the ground, you are going to want to prepare for digging. Even if you give your doggo lots of exercise, if they have the chance, they will dig for prey.

#10 Toy Fox Beagle

Mixing a Toy Fox Terrier with a Beagle creates an adorable hybrid called a Toy Fox Beagle. Because they’re both hunters, you’ll find it difficult to keep them from digging holes all over your yard. Let them dig until they drop in their own spot, and they’ll be nice and tired when you want to relax and watch TV.