Top 10 Dog Names in San Francisco, CA

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When it comes to the most dog-friendly cities in America, San Francisco often tops the list! Aside from its cable car system and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran is known for being home to more dogs than children! Walk the streets of SF and you'll likely run into puppers on their way to doggie daycare or an off-leash park, of which there are 3.7 per 100,000 residents.

Not a lot of cities can claim to be a doggie heaven like San Fran, which pretty much has it all for the four-legged members of the community. San Francisco's pampered pooches are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to dog-friendly spots, whether those are parks, beaches, restaurants, hotels, or stores. SF is also the third most walkable city in the country, so canine residents have no problem getting those daily walkies!

It's no secret that this woofderful city loves its dogs—all 120,000 to 150,000 of them. What then are some of the most pawpular names that San Franciscans have chosen for their beloved canine companions? From the classic to the trendy, here are the top monikers that doggos in SF go by!

#1 Luna

Meaning “moon” in Latin, Luna is a puptastic choice for doggos who are loved to the moon and back. With various services catering to dogs in SF, there are several ways to pamper your beloved pooch!

#2 Bear

Cute and cuddly like a teddy, or big and strong like a grizzly. Your four-legged pal would be bear-y proud to carry this name as he takes a leashed stroll around the city!

#3 Cooper

Meaning “barrel maker,” this occupational last name has become a favorite first name for pups of all sizes and breeds. Your best bud would love hearing this pawsome name as he romps in the city's many off-leash parks and beaches!

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#4 Rocky

Hearing this strong, masculine name will conjure up images of the famous fictional boxer for many. With SF's many dog-friendly parks and trails, it's easy to keep your best friend fit and trim like Mr. Balboa!

#5 Max

Short for Maximilian, meaning “greatest,” this name would pawfectly suit any male dog! Let your pup know how great he is by showering him with treats from San Francisco's dog bakeries!

#6 Lucy

Short and sweet, Lucy is Latin for “light.” A furrific choice for the pupper who brightens up your day. Brighten up her day with a trip to the dog park—there's no shortage of them in SF!

#7 Daisy

Derived from the phrase “day's eye,” because its petals open at daybreak. This flower name would be good for a pooch who wakes you up early in the morning to go hiking on San Francisco's dog-friendly trails!

#8 Bella

Italian for “beautiful,” this name would be pawfect for any female pup! Your furry damsel would be proud to sport this name while strutting her stuff in San Fran's many dog parks.

#9 Stella

Stella means "star" in Latin. This celestial female name would be a furrific moniker for any canine superstar who's always spotted at San Fran's hippest dog-friendly spots!

#10 Chloe

Derived from "Khloe," one of the Greek goddesse of fertility's many names. Chloe means "blooming," which is how your furry BFF would feel when you bring her to SF's various dog parks, trails, and beaches!