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12 Fun Dog-friendly Father's Day Adventures for Dog Dads


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 06/09/2022, edited: 06/14/2022


Father's Day signals the start of summer, which means there's no better time to plan an adventure with your four-legged fur-baby. Want to get your pooch in on the Father's Day festivities this year? We've sniffed out 12 fun dog-friendly adventures for dog dads, suitable for couch "puptatoes" and outdoorsy doggos alike. You can even get your two-legged children involved in the fun!

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Teach your dog to dance

Are you a dog dad who likes to don their dancing shoes? Or maybe you think your Frenchie would be fabulous at the foxtrot? Whatever the reason, teaching your doggo to dance is a fun adventure and a great way to bond with your barking buddy. 

If your dog already knows standard obedience commands, learning a few basic dance moves like weaving and spinning is "pawssible" with some perseverance. If your dog is a dynamite dancer, consider getting your pup involved in canine freestyle and designing your own dance routine!

Take an RV road trip with your woofer

Whether your pup is young or old, small or big, an RV camping road trip is the "ultimutt" adventure for dog dads. If you don't have your own RV, renting a pet-friendly rig has never been easier, with companies like RVezy offering thousands of listings across North America. 

Many state and national parks throughout the US allow campers and their pets on trails, so why not enjoy a serene hike with your favorite walking buddy this Father's Day? Alternatively, if you don't want to rent an RV, buy a tent and "ruff" it in nature instead.

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Learn bikejoring with your pup

Ever heard of bikejoring? It's the "pawfect" activity for adventurous, athletic dog dads and their fur-babies!

Essentially, bikejoring is like dog sledding with a mountain bike. With the right equipment, this activity is totally safe for Spot and great exercise for you and your pup. 

Bikejoring requires you to have a powerful pooch, so don't try this with your Westie! To try bikejoring, you'll also want to find a smooth, off-road track with no obstacles. If you and your pup really get into bikejoring, join a local group and try your paw at time trials!

Plan a dog-themed movie night in with your mutt

Not all dog-friendly Father's Day activities need to involve sports or the great outdoors. If you'd prefer to rest and laze around with Lassie instead, plan a dog-themed movie night. From Marley & Me to Scooby-Doo, there are tons of comedies and romantic movies out there for you and your hound to enjoy. 

Break out the popcorn and your pup's favorite snacks, curl up on the couch, and make lasting memories with your dog while watching a canine caper!

Set up a homemade disc golf course

If your fur-baby is a frisbee fanatic, why not design a disc golf course at home? You'll have tons of fun setting up and playing on your disc golf course, and your dog will love retrieving any wayward frisbee throws. It's a win-win for you and your woofer! 

Designing a disc golf course is easy — just buy some cheap laundry baskets, weigh them down, and place them around your yard. You can even place your laundry baskets inside of tomato cages for a more authentic disc golf experience. To see how it's done, check out the tutorial below!

Kayak with your canine

What better way to celebrate Father's Day with your dog than spending the day out on the water? Kayaking with your dog is a "grrreat" way to give your pup some mental stimulation (and yourself a good workout!).

Will this be your canine's first kayaking trip? First, you'll need to teach your pup to sit pretty at the front of your kayak and stay in the kayak while on the water. A few literal dry runs in a kayak and some tasty treats will help your hound get used to the kayak in no time. 

Most pups love to doggy paddle — just bear in mind that dogs don't know how to swim without training! You'll also want to ensure your fur-baby is wearing a doggy life jacket at all times.

Make your own agility course at home

A homemade agility course for dogs is a fun Father's Day activity for dads who are into DIY. Agility training is one of the most rewarding types of dog training and will keep your canine happy and healthy. 

You can easily make hurdles and weaving poles out of PVC pipes with a bit of handiwork. Or, use some plywood and boxes to create ramps!

If there are no agility courses at parks near you, or you don't want to pay for agility classes, making your own agility course is a "pawsome" plan. Plus, you can get your kids involved in designing your backyard agility course!

Go geocaching with your fur-baby

Tired of the same old walking routes? Take Luna for a day out of geocaching!

Geocaching is essentially a scavenger hunt with GPS coordinates instead of riddles. Caches contain small prizes — also called "swag" — like keychains, clothing patches, commemorative coins, and more.

In many caches, you'll find a logbook, which will show you the names of everyone else who's found the cache before you. Sign the logbook, then hide the cache again for someone else to find!

You can find the GPS coordinates of geocaches near you online. When searching for a geocache to sniff out, don't "furget" to check the terrain difficulty rating.

This is an exciting dog-friendly Father's Day activity that's sure to take you and Charlie off the beaten track. One last tip: Before geocaching with your pup at a state or national park, be sure to check the park's pet rules.

Chow down at a dog-friendly restaurant

Father's Day usually means a celebratory meal out, so why not bring your pup along for a canine-friendly culinary adventure? More and more restaurants across the US are letting dogs dine with their pet parents.

Major cities, like Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, and NYC, all offer dozens of pet-friendly restaurants where your pup can join in on the Father's Day festivities. Many pup-friendly restaurants even offer doggy dinner options, from homemade dog treats to sizzling steaks!

Be a tourist in your own city

You don't have to leave town to embark on an adventure with your dog this Father's Day. Instead, indulge in all the local dog-friendly tourist attractions you usually avoid. Take a walking tour with your pup, let them enjoy the sights and smells at your local farmer's market, or just visit a new dog park — the "pawssibilities" are endless!

Just make sure your pup is adequately socialized before you spook Scoob on a haunted ghost tour or take Bella to meet the fishies at the local aquarium.

Book flyball lessons for your dog

Flyball is an exhilarating dog sport and a thrilling activity for dog dads on Father's Day. This "pawpular" sport — which requires agility, training, and timing — features in some of the world's biggest dog shows, like Crufts.

Flyball is kind of like shuttle hurdle relay, but for dogs. Here's how it works. A team of 4 dogs runs a straight course with 4 jumps on the way and 4 jumps on the way back. At the midpoint of the course, each dog picks up a ball and springboards back the way they came.

Watch this high-octane sport a few times, and you'll want to get your woofer involved in the action!

Throw a pup-friendly summer party

Since Father's Day is at the start of summer, there's no better time to organize a pup-friendly pool party. Invite some of your mutt's furry friends from your local dog park and let them make a splash in some paddling pools!

You can even make some delicious frozen treats to help the party pups cool off. While the pooches are having a ball, you and your fellow pet parents can enjoy a barbecue and soak up the sunshine.

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Have you got  plans for Father's Day that aren't dog friendly? Book a dog walker or dog sitter through Wag! to keep your canine compadre’s tail wagging!

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