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4 Creative Grooming Ideas to Make Your Pup Stand Out


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 11/01/2021, edited: 10/20/2022


Bored of your pup's standard kennel cut? Before your next trip to the groomer, check out some of the ways you can spice up your fur-baby's look. Groomers across the globe are constantly coming up with innovative ways to cut your canine's fur. 

Before heading to the groomer with a new style in mind, you'll want to consider your dog's breed. For example, you won't be able to give a Yorkie the same cut as a Chow Chow. That said, your groomer may be able to suggest a different similar style that'll suit your dog's breed. 

No need for your barking bud to blend into the crowd — help them stand out with these 4 creative grooming ideas for dogs!

Korean Styling

One example of Asian Freestyle dog grooming, Korean styling is becoming increasingly popular in the US. The result of each cut may change, but the aim is always the same — to make your dog as cute as possible. 

Korean styling differs from Japanese styling as it usually focuses on keeping your fur-baby's hair long and silky. Another key feature of Korean styling is it uses lots of accessories, like bows, flowers, and braids. Korean styling is usually done on small dog breeds, like Bichon Frises, Malteses, and Shih Tzus. Check ahead with your groomer to ensure they have experience with Asian Freestyle dog grooming.

The Broccoli Cut

Plenty of grooming styles focus on keeping a dog's fur long around the head, but none quite like the broccoli cut. You'll need a dog with serious curls to pull off this look. Common breeds with the broccoli cut include Poodles and Poodle mixes like Goldendoodles and Labradoodles

This hairstyle is aptly named as your dog will resemble a head of broccoli. This cut is fairly quick and simple and is sure to turn some heads on your next dog walk.

The Cube

Originally from Japan, the cube cut blew up in Asia before making its way across the Pacific. This 'do involves cutting your pup's fur into angular rather than rounded shapes. 

The result is the top of your Poodle or Maltese's head will look like a cube — very futuristic! While this grooming is sure to make your pup stand out, it's tricky and does require regular maintenance every couple of weeks.


Make your mutt into a rockstar with the mohawk. This simple cut involves trimming the fur on top of your dog's head or along their spine and fashioning it into a mohawk. 

The mohawk isn't suitable for all breeds, as it may expose their sensitive skin. It also requires plenty of upkeep with pet-friendly hair products. Talk to your vet about which hair products are safe for your dog.

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dog groomer holding a pair of shears above a golden dog sitting on a pink table

How to keep your dog happy during a grooming session

Before we dive in, it's worth making sure creative grooming is right for your pup. Some people consider creative grooming to be abusive to dogs, so ensure you put your pup's happiness ahead of their haircut. Here are some tips on how to keep your pup happy during a grooming session:

Hire a professional groomer

Unless you're giving your mutt a quick cut to clear an overgrown patch of fur, avoid giving your dog a complicated hairdo. Professional groomers will groom your dog in the least stressful way possible. The outcome of your dog's new creative haircut will also be much better when you hire a pro.

"Brush" up on your pup's training

Some dogs don't like to sit still for long, which can make it tricky to groom them. Training your dog to accept grooming and sit still while grooming will go a long way to a successful grooming session.

Try to keep sessions as short as possible

Some dogs just don't like being groomed, regardless of how hard you try to make the experience enjoyable. If you're aware that your dog doesn't like to be groomed, keep their cut simple and let your groomer know that they're not keen on grooming before the appointment.

Avoid dyeing your dog's fur

Some of the latest doggy hairdos involve dyeing fur; however, you should avoid dyeing your dog. Human hair dyes can be toxic to dogs, and even pet-safe ones could cause an allergic reaction. Dyeing a dog's fur is also illegal in some states, like Colorado, Florida, South Carolina, and Maine.

Take the stress out of the experience

Your dog could be stressed out by the routine of visiting the groomer. If you simply load your dog into your car and take them straight to the groomer, the experience may heighten their anxiety. Make visiting the groomer a fun experience by visiting a dog park beforehand. You should also bring some of Milo's favorite treats to reward good behavior.

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