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5 Ways to Spoil Your Corgi on National Welsh Corgi Day



March 1 is National Welsh Corgi Day — the "pawfect" occasion to celebrate these gorgeous, mischievous dogs and the joy they bring into our lives. So if you’re the proud pet parent of a lovable loaf, why not make an extra-special effort on March 1st to spoil your Corgi rotten?

No matter whether your Corg is a couch "puptato", an active outdoor adventurer, a loving snuggle buddy, or all of the above, there are lots of great ways to show your dog just how much they mean to you.

So if you have a special Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi in your life, here are 5 of the best ways to spoil your dog on National Welsh Corgi Day. 

Take a hike

March 1 doesn’t just mean it’s time to celebrate your Corgi — it also means winter is finally over. So why not make the most of the warmer weather and take your pup out for a relaxing hike?

Whether you head for the mountains, the woods, or even a coastal trail, your Corgi will relish the chance to get active and go on an adventure. Not only is hiking a great way to get fit, but it's also the "pawfect" opportunity to spend some quality time with your fur-baby.

And with a host of new sights and smells to explore at the same time, ensuring plenty of mental stimulation, your Corgi will come home tired and happy at the end of the day.

two corgi dogs chasing after a yellow ball

Plan a Corgi playdate

What’s cuter than a Corgi romping about in the grass, racing this way and that, their rump shaking side to side with the excitement of off-leash play? A big group of Corgis doing the same thing together!

If your Corgi loves socializing with other dogs, set up a Corgi playdate with their best canine pals. Maybe some of your friends are Corgi pet parents, or you’ve met other like-minded Corgi lovers at your local dog park. Alternatively, there are specialist Corgi meetup groups found in cities right around the country, plus social media groups dedicated to all things Corgi where you can organize your own Corgi-themed social events.

So send out the invites, find the "pawfect" space for some off-leash Corgis to cavort, then sit back and watch the fun unfold.

Play with a herding ball

Did you know that Corgis were originally bred to herd cattle and sheep? That’s why you may have noticed your Corgi trying to herd children and other human family members around the home.

Even though Corgis are now best known as companion animals, the breed’s herding instincts remain strong. Put those instincts into action this International Corgi Day by getting your dog a herding ball. Herding balls are too large for your dog to pick up in their mouth, so they can only move the ball by chasing, pushing, prodding, and maneuvering it where they want it to go.

It’s a whole lot of fun for an energetic Corgi, and the "pawfect" outlet for their natural instincts. It should also make them less likely to try and round up the kids!

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white corgi dog wearing pink glasses lying on a white towel

Pamper your pooch

Does your Corgi enjoy the finer things in life? Instead of exercising and playing, would they rather put their paws up and relax? If you answered yes to these questions, the best way to spoil your Corgi this March 1 is with a day full of pampering.

Maybe a "pawdicure" would put a smile on your dog’s dial, or perhaps a reinvigorating day at the doggy day spa is what they’re craving. A trip to the groomer could soon have them looking and feeling their best, while a gentle massage could make them so relaxed that they nod off for an afternoon nap!

Exactly how you pamper your pooch is entirely up to you. But as long as you choose the type of pampering you know your dog loves, this is one National Welsh Corgi Day treat they’ll hope will become a regular part of their routine.

Treat them to a doggy movie night

This is another "grrreat" way to spoil a Corgi who enjoys relaxation, cuddles galore, and a whole lot of quality time with their humans. When you treat your pup to a doggy movie night, you get to snuggle up on the couch with them for a relaxing night of fun.

Whether your Corgi loves cackling at comedies, devouring dramas, or even strapping in for an action/adventure blockbuster, there’s no shortage of quality titles to choose from. And if you can find a film with a furry four-legged star or two, all the better.

Of course, no movie night would be complete without plenty of snacks, so stock up on your Corgi’s favorite treats — or maybe make some homemade doggy delights — before you hit play.

Looking forward to spoiling your cute Corgi this National Welsh Corgi Day? Tell us all about your fur-baby in the comments below or on our Instagram page!

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