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Top 25 Super Bowl Ads Featuring Animals


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Published: 02/06/2023, edited: 02/16/2023


Budweiser's classic Clydesdales, FedEx's giant pigeons, Pepsi's daredevil geese β€” America's biggest brands "pawsitively" love featuring animals in their Super Bowl ads. Sometimes heartfelt and often hilarious, these ads are among the best moments from the Big Game.

We’ve rounded up 25 of the best Super Bowl animal ads of all time so you can relive the greatest commercials over and over again. Scroll down to see which ones made the cut!

Busch β€” Shelter (2023)

Busch's 2023 Super Bowl ad is parody at its finest. It features the "Busch guy" teaching us about wilderness survival. As he mentions the need for "shelter", Sarah McLachlan emerges from a tent with a wolf, spoofing the classic ASPCA commercials from the 2000s. Her song "Angel" from the original ads even plays in the background.

Disney+ β€” Disney+ Has All the GOATs (2022)

Combining the acronym for "Greatest Of All Time" with real goats seems like an advertising no-brainer for a media juggernaut like Disney. This Super Bowl LVI ad features the loveable Awkwafina strolling around the Disney+ offices surrounded by goats dressed as Disney's most famous characters. Bart Simpson, Loki, and even the house from "Up" appear as goats in this unique Disney+ commercial.

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Budweiser β€” Streaker (2006)

Budweiser has a long history of animal Super Bowl ad campaigns, and Super Bowl XL was no different. In this memorable ad, the Clydesdales square off for a football game before a newly-sheared sheep runs onto the field and spoils the party. It's fair to say the ranchers watching on from the sidelines were less than impressed!

Doritos β€” Pug Attack (2011)

Doritos are famous for their wacky animal Super Bowl ads, and Pug Attack from 2011 is possibly the greatest. A man is taunting a Pug with Doritos through a glass door, with the pup running towards him in slow motion. The punchline at the end of the commercial is comedy gold. The lesson? Tease your own pint-sized pooch with Doritos at your peril.

Bud Light β€” Here We Go (2012)

Who wouldn't love a rescue like We Go for their Super Bowl party? One of the best animal Super Bowl ads, this clever commercial features a dog called "We Go" who'll grab you a beer anytime you call "Here We Go!"

Fun fact: You can train your dog to bring you a beer! Now all we need is a pup who can fetch bottles and roll kegs...

Pepsi β€” Goose (1998)

An oldie but goodie, Pepsi's Goose ad from Super Bowl XXXII is pure late '90s gold. A goose shows off their daredevil skydiving skills alongside pro aerial stuntman Troy Hartman. An impressed Hartman then proceeds to crack open a can of Pepsi and give it to the goose. Loving the taste, the goose and their gaggle form the Pepsi logo mid-air.

Heinz β€” Weiner Stampede (2016)

A group of Dachshunds running across a field in hot dog outfits toward people dressed as condiment bottles? Yes, the great "Weiner Stampede" of 2016 will go down in history as one of the funniest and most adorable Super Bowl ads with animals of all time.

Budweiser β€” Puppy Love (2014)

Budweiser had us in our feels with their ad from Super Bowl XLVIII. An adorable Labrador puppy forges an unlikely friendship with a Clydesdale. But when the pup is taken away from the ranch in a car, the Clydesdale launches a daring rescue. With Passenger's "Let Her Go" as the soundtrack, Puppy Love will certainly have you all up in your feels.

Honda β€” A New Truck to Love (2016)

The concept is simple: a herd of sheep singing Queen's β€œSomebody to Love” after hearing the song from the back of their owner's Honda Ridgeline. Great song? Check. Singing sheep? Check. One of the greatest animal Super Bowl ads ever? You bet.

Avocados From Mexico β€” First Draft Ever (2015)

A personal favorite, Avocados From Mexico's First Draft Ever from Super Bowl XLIX is witty and super unique. Set four billion years ago, the ad sees countries draft which animals and plants they want in traditional NFL style. Of course, Mexico drafts the avocado, much to the annoyance of a hopeful sombrero-wearing polar bear.

Volkswagen β€” The Dog Strikes Back (2012)

Dogs love to chase cars, but what if a pup is overweight and can’t fit through their doggy door? As James Brown famously said, the doggo "gets up offa that thing" and figures out a workout routine β€” which apparently involves carrying a ball upstairs and running on a treadmill. Eventually, the pup can chase after that brand-new sporty Volkswagen Beetle.

Flamin' Hot Doritos β€” Push It (2022)

"Pawssibly" the best animal ad of Super Bowl LVI is for Flamin' Hot Doritos. The ad features a cast of exotic critters β€” including sloths, water buffalo, and crocs β€” singing, humming, and beat-boxing along to Salt-N-Pepa's '80s classic "Push It". The ad is also star-studded, with Megan Thee Stallion as the singing redbird and Charlie Puth as the beatboxing fox.

Skechers β€” Go Run! (2012)

French Bulldogs aren’t known for running β€” but tell that to Mr. Quigley. Donning two pairs of Skechers, Mr. Quigley smokes the competition in a Greyhound race and even has time to moonwalk over the finish line. Now that's a good boy!

EDS β€” Cat Herders (2000)

Cat Herders is the best animal Super Bowl ad with cats. Herding "10,000 half-wild shorthairs" does sound like quite the job. Complete with cowboys (or "catboys") trying to fetch cats out of trees, wrapping balls of yarn, and showing their battle scars, EDS really scored a touchdown with this ad.

Avocados from Mexico β€” Top Dog (2019)

Avocados from Mexico's animal commercial from Super Bowl LIII flips the script on dog shows, with the humans competing to impress their furry friends. In fairness, who wouldn't want to compete for a trophy filled to the brim with guac? With sideline correspondent Charles the Pug and the bonus challenge of "rolling over" your 401K, Avocados from Mexico really flexed their creative muscles with this one.

Pedigree β€” Get a Dog (2009)

Any ad that promotes dog adoption is a winner in our eyes. Pedigree's Get a Dog ad from Super Bowl XLIII shows that maybe exotic pets aren't the best idea. A water buffalo isn't great at playing fetch, while your mailman won't enjoy being chased by a rogue ostrich. With over 900 million homeless dogs worldwide, the Pedigree Adoption Drive is a campaign we can get behind.

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Purina Friskies β€” Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game (2015)

Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game by Purina Friskies and BuzzFeed Video is part of an ad campaign that captured hearts across the US. This Super Bowl-themed commercial features an older cat teaching a kitten how to interpret the Big Game. From why humans wear jerseys to sitting in front of the screen during key plays, Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game is a hilarious portrayal of our feline friends.

Bridgestone β€” Squirrel (2008)

Bridgestone's iconic screaming squirrel is one of the memorable moments from Super Bowl XLII's ad breaks. As the titular squirrel is about to get hit by a car, the entire forest joins in on the yelling, including a raccoon, rabbit, and even a grasshopper. Luckily, Bridgestone tires come to save the day.

Budweiser β€” A Clydesdale's Journey (2022)

Clydesdale horses have been a staple of Budweiser's Super Bowl ads for over 30 years. 2022's Super Bowl ad is especially poignant, featuring an injured Clydesdale recovering from a leg injury alongside their Labrador buddy. The tagline, "In the home of the brave, down never means out," is something all Americans can relate to following the pandemic.

Mountain Dew: Kickstart β€” Puppy Monkey Baby (2016)

Mountain Dew's Puppy Monkey Baby kind of features an animal (right...?), but it makes this list mainly because it broke the internet during Super Bowl 50. A fever dream of a commercial, Puppy Monkey Baby's catchy jingle lives rent-free in the heads of anyone who tuned in for the 2016 Super Bowl.

Toyota β€” Quiet Interior Badgers (2008)

If there's one thing we learned from the late 2000s, it's not to anger a badger. Toyota's Super Bowl XLII commercial features a man trapped in a car with a sleeping momma badger. Some well-dressed men set off cannons outside the vehicle to test the soundproofing of the new Corolla. All is well β€” until the man's phone rings.

FedEx β€” Pigeons (2008)

2008 was a great year for animal Super Bowl ads, and the FedEx Pigeons ad takes the crown as our favorite from Super Bowl XLII. High-tech carrier pigeons might seem like a solution to a company's shipping woes, but what about transporting large items? Enter giant pigeons wreaking havoc across NYC. Maybe a traditional mail service is a better idea.

Doritos β€” When Pigs Fly (2015)

Do pigs fly? Well, they do if you want a Dorito badly enough. When a kid is denied some Doritos, he's told he can have one "when pigs fly." So what’s a boy to do? He straps a rocket to one of the farm's pigs and launches it from the barn. It's safe to say the kid gets his Doritos.

Irish Spring β€” Welcome to Irish Spring (2022)

Irish Spring turns itself into a dystopian oasis complete with a talking white rabbit in its Super Bowl 2022 ad. Everything's perfect at the Irish Spring until someone stinky shows up. The white rabbit being held up by a little girl while the rabbit yells in a deep, gravelly voice, "Cast thy smell away!" is surely one of the most memorable animal moments from Super Bowl LVI.

WeatherTech β€” Lucky Dog (2020)

WeatherTech's 2020 Super Bowl ad is one of the most emotional entries on this list. It features Scout the Golden Retriever, who had only a 1% chance of surviving after vets found a tumor on his heart. Now he's fully recovered thanks to groundbreaking technology from the University of Wisconsin's School of Veterinary Medicine. Now that's one lucky doggo!

Which of these awesome Super Bowl animal ads is the best? Or did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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