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Dog Areas in Anchorage

5 Parks
4 Trails
3 Eateries
25 Groomers

The Municipality of Anchorage is Alaska’s largest City. Anchorage lies right between the mountains and the sea. Anchorage has a lot in store for its vacationers and citizens. You can spend the day exploring glaciers, randomly have an encounter while hiking or within the confines of the Alaska Conservation Center, or delight in the outdoors on their trails and expansive national parks.

Known to local as one of the most popular parks, the University Lake Park, is a designated off-leash park that is regularly visited by pet parents. It has almost everything in it - a trail, a lake and a lot of open space for your pup to scamper around. Your pup will love playing fetch or Frisbee in the area or go swimming in the lake. You can also walk or run on one of the many trails if you and your dog are up for some exercise.

Connor’s Bog in a non-fenced, off-leash park that’s located near the Ted Stevens Airport. Some locals had already used the land for decades even before it was turned into an official off-leash dog park. There are trails perfect for walking, jogging, biking or running with your pup. It’s also home to a variety of wildlife such as squirrels, birds, ducks, the random eagles, owls, and moose. Plus, your dog can take a dip at the lake. Anchorage, Alaska gives you that all-around, all year round staycation with the numerous attractions, sights and adventure-filled activities it can offer. Make sure that your daring pup comes along with you, because a great adventure awaits both of you.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Anchorage

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,826/sq mi

    #1 Scenic Foothills

    If you follow the North Star, or... a road, you may find the Far North Bicentennial Park in the Scenic Foothills of Anchorage. This is the perfect place for dogs descended from Iditarod racers to get in touch with their roots on the park’s dog mushing trails! With over 4,000 acres to develop, park owners thought it was a great idea to create a special 720-acre off-leash area of trails, skiing, running, ball fields, and botanical gardens. We can't agree more! If you're not into any of the previously listed sports, perhaps mountain biking is your thing! Dogs love running next to their humans on bikes, so get out there.
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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 682/sq mi

    #2 Spenard

    The owners of Arctic/Benson Park understand that dogs are as complex as people. No, dogs didn’t contribute to the moon landing and aren’t working on a cure for cancer, but they do have needs and feelings. That’s why this fenced-in off-leash park is open to all dogs, but has special hours for small dogs and therapy dogs. If you worry your Yorkshire Terrier would shake herself to death out of fear at a dog park but you want to socialize her, this is a great place for her to meet dogs her size. Therapy dogs sometimes have trouble socializing with other dogs because they’re trained to focus on their owner, and being around like-minded pals can be comforting. Whoever you are, you are welcome to enjoy the large open spaces, picnic tables, and playground for kids.
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,479/sq mi

    #3 South Addition

    The Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park could be the best park in America. Maybe that’s why the state of Alaska feels the need to keep it out of the lower 48’s reach. What began as a waterfowl sanctuary is now the site of a nature trail, trails for running, biking, skiing and snowshoeing, the Westchester Lagoon for boating and ice-skating, fitness stations, a winter Frisbee golf course, and a café. Take a moment to absorb all of that. Now ask yourself, how many parks have cafés? What is winter Frisbee golf, and how is it different from summer Frisbee golf? We may never know the answers to these questions, but we do know that dogs are allowed at Mrs. Margaret’s Super Sullivan Park, and visiting this wonderland should be on your bucket list.
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  4. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 5,116/sq mi

    #4 University Area

    The University Lake Park in Anchorage is the perfect place to visit on your dog’s birthday. Why, you ask? Well, as a free gift to your fur-baby, this entire park is off-leash, meaning the only things dogs have to fear here are very stern looks from their owners and rogue grizzly bears. And since it’s located close to the university, college students grappling with the choice of buying a new leash for their pet or another pack of Ramen noodles can buy more noodles! Take a walk on the 1 ⅓ mile trail that wraps around the perimeter of the lake while throwing sticks and snowballs. Dogs will love roaming free, meeting new friends, and sniffing all the wild, natural things that Alaska has to offer! Before you go, know that all pups must be vaccinated, waste must be picked up and any holes they dig must be filled.
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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 5,106/sq mi

    #5 Boniface Parkway

    Named for a Russian immigrant by the name of “Jacob Marunenko”, Russian Jack Springs Park is located on the east side of town just south of Glenn Highway. It’s pretty much an adventure free-for-all with an extra side of fun. Bring the whole family, dogs included, and make sure to pack jackets in the winter months. You know that ugly sweater your great aunt knitted for your Golden Retriever two Christmases ago? This is the perfect place to break in that woolen disaster, on sledding hills, cross-country skiing trails, and in the designated off-leash dog park. If your family loves sports, encourage them to try a hand at Frisbee golf or play a refresher round at the 9-hole regular golf course. Whack tennis balls, softballs, or practice goal kicks at the soccer field. If you think plants are interesting, take your dog over to the park's greenhouse and solarium for a floral sniff and a laurel whiff.
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