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Dog Areas in Kettering

20 Parks
13 Shops
6 Eateries
6 Groomers

Kettering is the largest suburb of the city of Dayton in Ohio. The metropolitan area was once home to the inventor Charles F. Kettering, whom the city got its name, and who invented the world's first aerial missile. Nowadays the area hasn't had many inventions, but has made over 284 outdoor acres for humans and pups living in the city to enjoy. And with eight veterinarians, you can feel safe exploring all of them with your pup.

The most popular place for humans and their pups is the Hills & Dales MetroPark, a 63-acre area filled with rolling hills, open space, dense forests, and scenic creeks. The natural areas are dog-friendly to leashed pups with over 5 miles of paved and dirt trails, a pond for fishing and swimming, picnic shelters and pavilion, and lots of space to run around and play. Additional features include clean-up stations, water fountains, benches, and nighttime lights.

Indian Riffle Park is another spot perfect for a pleasant walk with Fido. The area includes over 2.5 miles of paved trail that roam through the open spaces and thick forests throughout the park. Dogs must remain on a leash, but can also go into the picnic, barbeque and pavilion areas with access to water fountains, clean-up stations, and benches.

The bustling suburb of Kettering is always expanding its parks to include more dog-friendly and human-friendly activities for all its residents.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Kettering

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 5,470/sq mi

    #1 E Rahn Road

    The pleasant neighborhood of East Rahn Road is a well-kept and sunny place to walk Fido, with lots of open space and paved sidewalks. Some of the open space belongs to Irelan Park, which is an 8-acre area that provides residents with four enclosed baseball diamonds, open space and a perimeter trail that encircles and cuts through the park. Fido can get plenty of exercise here with a good walk, or just roam in the baseball fields. There's also access to water fountains and benches. Ernst Park is right across the street and has the same amenities as Irelan Park, with additional tennis courts, gazebo, clean-up stations, and soccer fields that are public to leashed pups.
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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,164/sq mi

    #2 JF Kennedy Park


    The neighborhood of JF Kennedy Park is a small residential one, but provides residents with vibrant, grassy areas for you and your pup. One of these areas is a park that shares the same name as the neighborhood, JF Kennedy Park, an 11.2-acre multi-use field with baseball diamonds, tennis courts, a pavilion and over 2.5 miles of paved trails for Fido to walk around on. Dogs must be leashed here, but have access to water fountains, benches, clean-up stations, trash bins, and nighttime lights. The area also offers the Croftshire Park, a rural but pretty park with a completely open layout, perfect for fetching and running around with Fido. Don't forget to bring some clean-up bags or water to this park!

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 4,486/sq mi

    #3 Lincoln Park

    Lincoln Park isn't named after the band, but still provides plenty of entertainment to pups and humans thanks to the Lincoln Pond Park. The park surrounds Lincoln Pond, with a perimeter path, a large parking lot, benches, and trash bins along the path. Fido won't only get a good walk here, but a beautiful one too. Kettering Central Park is also right across the street and provides extra amenities like clean-up bags and picnic tables and includes more paved paths and open space. Pups have to remain on a leash in both parks, and you'll have to remember to bring water to both.
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,133/sq mi

    #4 Beavertown

    The Beavertown neighborhood is on the south side of town, and filled with rows of residential homes. The area boasts a beautiful park known as Delco Park, which has something for everyone, including your pup. With over 25 acres of land, visitors can enjoy access to a fishing pond, 1.7 miles of paved paths that surround and cut through the park, four enclosed baseball diamonds, a playground, and two pavilions. The well-kept park has lots of open space too, offering vibrant grassy areas for leashed pups to play around on, with access to water fountains, benches, and trash bins. The park is open from 10 AM to 10 PM, and has nighttime lights for extra safety.
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,984/sq mi

    #5 Woodman County Line

    The Woodman County Line neighborhood is on the eastern edge of the city. Residents can enjoy multiple parks, like the State Farm Park, a 50-acre area with 6 baseball diamonds, open fields, paved paths, shaded seating areas, and access to Little Beaver Creek for fishing and swimming. Dogs should not play off of a leash here, but can enjoy the enclosed space of the fields, open areas, water fountains, benches, and trash bins. Oak Park is another park in the neighborhood and doesn't get as busy, although it provides additional amenities like an enclosed tennis court, playground, and lots of trees! 
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