How to Brush a Small Dog With a FURminator

15 - 30 Minutes
2 Days


The FURminator is a fantastic tool to de-shed your small dog and prevent future shedding. Your fluffy small dog will still drop some fur, but after several uses with the FURminator, you should see less fur shedding from your small pup. FURminator comes in different sizes and for different hair types, so be sure you are getting the right one for your dog. The tips of the FURminator comb are blunt, making brushing your dog easy and smooth. The center section between the FURminator bristles is sharp, pulling fur that is already loose and waiting to drop out of your small dog's coat. Keep your small pup groomed on a regular basis with a FURminator to maintain his coat, so he's not shedding all over your house.

Dog's Perspective

If your little pup loves a good brushing, he will love the FURminator as well. For your first few times using this new tool be cautious around any bony areas on your small guy. Make long smooth strokes and be sure you are using the right size for your small breed.

Caution & Considerations

  • Always use long strokes. Be sure to move slowly to pull out loose fur.
  • Watch bony areas like shoulders and hips.
  • Brush the same area more than once to remove all excess fur, but be cautious not to overdo one area.
  • Be sure you are using a FURminator specially made for a small dog.
  • FURminators also come in various types for different coats as well.
  • Using your FURminator on a regular basis will help prevent future shedding. It removes excess fur as it becomes loose before dropping off your dog.
  • The FURminator is a good tool to use for removing knots or tangles, but remember to be gentle to avoid bending the teeth.
  • Remember to always brush in the direction your small dog’s fur grows from head to tail.
  • If your small dog blows coat with each season, the FURminator is a great tool for removing this undercoat or excess winter fur.
  • Removing the fur from the teeth of the FURminator as your brush will keep the tool in good working order, as well as help get deeper into the undercoat.
  • Remember to reward your little guy after each brushing. This will help to make grooming valuable bonding time and keep him interested in doing it on a regular basis.


With the right size FURminator, your pint-sized pup can look beautiful. Reduce the large volume of shedding from your small dog before the fur hits your floor. Always be gentle and rewarding while using the FURminator and leave your little pup looking fur-bulous every day.

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