How to Brush a Small Dog With Short Hair

5 - 10 Minutes
2 Week


So you have a small dog with short hair. Should be easy to brush, and not a lot of hair spread around right? Err, not so fast.  

In many ways, short-haired dogs are easier to brush; tangles and mats are not usually an issue and a small short-haired dog can be brushed fairly quickly. However, many short-haired little dogs do shed, and quite a lot. You will need to brush regularly to keep their hair at bay and not all over your home!  Also, your short-haired dog can get many skin issues, such as dry skin, dandruff or yeast infections like any other dog, from dirt, debris and hair build up on this coat and skin. Small short haired dogs like Pugs, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Boston Terriers and Min Pins need regular brushing to keep their coats healthy and your home hair-free. Using the right tools and brushing regularly will keep your little short-haired dog looking slick and prevent skin and coat conditions.

Dog's Perspective

The good news is, brushing your small short haired dog does not take long and can be done a few times a week. Also, because your dog does not generally get tangles and mats in his fur, you will not need to work at or pull fur to get them out. However, remember that your small short-haired dog will need brushes with protective ends on them or soft brushes so his skin is not scratched during brushing, which would be uncomfortable.  Most short-haired dogs appreciate a good brush with a soft brush, curry or mit and if done regularly and gently, it pretty much feels like being petted. What dog doesn't like to be petted?!

Caution & Considerations

  • Do not be tempted to neglect brushing your small dog because he has short hair. Brushing removes debris, stimulates circulation and distributes oils and is still necessary.
  • During brushing, check skin for conditions that need addressing.
  • If your dog has wrinkly skin, be sure to brush in his wrinkles and check for issues.
  • During shedding season, excess hair shed by short-haired dogs may be more effectively removed with a specialized shedding tool.


Even short-haired dogs need brushing, and your small short-haired dog is no exception. Brushing will remove not only dust, debris and dirt on his coat, but excess hair, preventing it from becoming distributed all over your home. Removing debris and excess hair also keeps your dog's coat healthy and prevents skin conditions  During brushing it is always important to check your dog for conditions such as yeast overgrowth, sores, or parasites that may need medical attention. Don't neglect brushing your small short-haired dog. It only takes a few minutes a couple times a week to keep him brushed and beautiful!

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