How to Calm a Czechoslovakian Vlcak Before Grooming

10 - 60 Minutes
2 Weeks


The Czechoslovakian Vlcak is a hybrid developed in Czechoslovakia by crossing a German Shepherd with a wolf. The result was a dog with the majestic looks of the wolf along with the personality of the German Shepherd. Your pooch is highly intelligent, very active, and likes to play rough. The Vlcak can be particularly challenging as they tend to become easily bored with repetitive actions. It is vital that you invest significant time in socializing your pooch as this will help him become calmer and more apt to accept the fact he must submit to grooming. 

Dog's Perspective

The typical Czechoslovakian Vlcak doesn’t care for being groomed, which is going to make getting your hound to submit to a good brushing, let alone a bath, very challenging. These guys tend to be quite dominant, so from the moment you bring your four-legged friend home, you need to establish your position as Alpha in your pack (family). This will make it easier for you to work on training him. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Given the nature of this hybrid, you may find muzzling to be a good idea as it will stop your pup from trying to nip at you.
  • Even though you may not be able to completely tire your pooch out with a walk, just going for one will help to settle him down.
  • Use plenty of treats to help your pup see when he is getting things right, he will appreciate them and work harder to please you.
  • Always work in a quiet part of your home and at a quiet time of the day, this will also help to calm him down.
  • Be sure you instill in your pup a sense of who is the Alpha in his family or pack. 


The Czechoslovakian Vlcak is very strong and powerful dog that will take a lot of hard work and time to train. They are recommended only for those who have experience working with this type of dog. But, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can train your pooch to relax for his grooming sessions. 

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