How to Clean Your Puppy's Teeth

10 - 15 Minutes
1 Day


There are many things a puppy can be taught to do for himself, but when it comes to cleaning his teeth, he has to count on you to do it for him. Although your pup's teeth are not subject to cavities like humans', they are subject to gum disease and infection if you don't take the time to care for his teeth and gums. You should be brushing his teeth every day, just like you do your own. Not only will regular brushing help prevent this, it will help give your pup better breath. 

Dog's Perspective

Let's face it, your pup really doesn’t care if his teeth are stained the color of café au lait or if his breath could kill a skunk at 20 feet. What he will care about, is when his gums become so infected that it hurts him to bite or chew. Keep in mind the younger he is when you start brushing his teeth, the easier it will be for him to accept this new routine. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Be sure that the products you buy are intended for use with dogs.
  • Never use products made for humans as they may contain fluoride and many other ingredients that are known to be deadly to your dog.
  • Use a toothbrush made for dogs. The angle of the head is sharper, making it easier for you to reach the back of his teeth.
  • If your puppy is wary of the toothbrush, start brushing with your finger to get him comfortable with the process, then move up to the brush.
  • Go slowly and gently as you don't want to injure your pup's gums or scare him to the point at which he will be scared.
  • If his teeth are heavily stained, take him to the vet for a thorough cleaning.
  • Be sure you take your pup in for an annual dental exam and cleaning.
  • Brush your pup's teeth every day. 


It only takes a few minutes to brush your pup's teeth every day, but in doing so, you can save him from a lot of pain. On top of this, his breath won't smell like the back end of a skunk. Take your time and be gentle. Your pup will eventually come to look forward to having a nice clean mouth every day and will come to you to have his teeth brushed when it is time. 

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