How to Groom a Cheerful Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
4 Weeks


There is nothing quite like being lucky enough to have a cheerful, fun loving family dog. Barney will play fetch, run around and around chasing his tail, and just about anything fun that gets everyone laughing. However, when it comes to grooming your overly happy pooch, it can be more than just a little challenging. It's not that Barney doesn't want to be groomed necessarily, more that he just can't sit still that long.

You may find it easier to groom Barney in short sessions rather than trying to keep him still for long periods of time. Keep in mind that to you 10 minutes is a very short time, but to Barney, it can seem like hours. The trick is to put all of that happy energy into what direction the grooming takes. This way both of you can have fun instead of making the whole process stressful. 

Dog's Perspective

It's not that poor Barney really wants to disobey you, more likely it's just that he is having way too much fun. Most cheerful dogs are full of energy and have a hard time sitting still. It is for you to make grooming more interesting than, say, going outside and playing. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Barney is a very energetic and cheerful dog, put that energy to work making grooming more fun.
  • Burn off as much energy as you can before you get started.
  • Let your dog get used to the grooming tools before you start using them.
  • If necessary, take short play breaks during the process to keep your dog happy and reduce stress.
  • Brushing is always the best place to start, and if you need to trim, try doing it in stages.
  • Don't be afraid to make good use of your pup's favorite treats as rewards.
  • Have plenty of toys on hand to keep him occupied. 


To a cheerful dog, there simply is no such thing as a bad day; every day is a good day. Remember, you don't have to do all of the grooming tasks in one session. Keep sessions short and complete his grooming in stages and you will both have a great time. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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