How to Groom a Dog's Face

10 - 20 Minutes
1 Month


Even if you are comfortable trimming the rest of your pup's body, trimming around his face can still be a challenge you may not feel ready for. It can be even more challenging if your pup is not already comfortable with being groomed in the first place. 

The younger you start grooming your pup, especially around his face, the easier it will be for you to get used to his face being subjected to regular grooming. There are many smaller breeds and a few larger breeds that need to have the hair on their faces and around their eyes trimmed on a regular basis. 

Dog's Perspective

While your dog may like trying to see what's going on around him, he may not like the idea of your hands and a pair of shears being that close to his face. You need to be careful not to cut or nick his face or poke his eyes. Unless your pup is a poodle, you should trim his hair in the direction it flows naturally, which is typically from front to back. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Dull shears rip hair out, be sure to keep your shears sharp to reduce the risk of injury to your pup. 
  • Dull clipper blades also rip hair out rather than cutting it, keep the blades sharp at all times.
  • All shears you plan to use should be the safety type with rounded tips.
  • The skin around your pup's face is very thin and easily injured, take plenty of time when trimming under his jowls, under his chin, and around his eyes.
  • If you bathe your pup first, be sure his fur is completely dry before you try to use clippers as wet hair can jam the clippers, causing damage that may reduce their expected lifespan.
  • If your dog will not stand still for grooming, consider buying a grooming harness or having a second person there to help hold him in place.
  • Always give your pup time to get used to the shears and clippers to reduce the risk of starling him, which could end up in your pup or you being injured. 


Grooming your pup's face may seem challenging at first and your pup may never actually get to the point where he enjoys having it done. But with plenty of practice and patience, he should at least reach the point where he will stand still while you do it. Try to have fun and stick to a regular schedule, this will make the job a little easier for both of you. 

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