How to Groom a Large, Cheerful Dog

20 - 40 Minutes
6 Weeks


Grooming your large breed pup comes with its own challenges, size being a rather large challenge for some. But when your large dog is also overly cheerful, you’ll likely spend much of your time laughing at your big guy or redirecting him so he will stay still long enough for you to get something done. Cheerful dogs are easy going but often full of energy. This might mean you need to take grooming tasks in stages or keep your pup occupied while in each stage. 

Let your big cheery dog's energy drive the grooming tasks. He'll feel in control, and you'll laugh enough to have fun. Make this stress-free instead of stressful.  

Dog's Perspective

Your large, cheerful dog might be a bit too busy to pause long enough to want to groom. He might be eager to get out and play, or he might be restless or impatient while you are grooming. You can keep him entertained with toys and even with rewards such as treats after the minor task. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Your cheerful dog is energetic and happy. Feed his pep with your energy and excitement.
  • Your big pup will be happy to let you groom him as long as he’s able to burn off energy while grooming.
  • Turn your grooming sessions into fun playtime.
  • It might take a bit longer than expected to groom a larger, cheerful dog, but it will also be more fun than grooming a dog who isn’t happy about the tasks at hand.
  • Break up grooming tasks and give your pup some play time in between.
  • Always start by brushing your large dog and give him treats while brushing. This will help hold his attention long enough to get through this part of grooming.
  • If your dog is overly excited, make sure he sits still long enough to get through scissoring and clipping so as not to cause injuries.
  • Consider taking your pup to a do-it-yourself bathing shop to get him out. If he’s cheerful enough, it might be exciting to bathe elsewhere before coming home for clipping.
  • Change up other routines as well for grooming tasks. You can shower your dog or bathe him outside in warm summer months for a change of scenery.


Your large cheerful dog never has a ruff day. Don't let grooming him be stressful either. It's not necessary for all grooming to happen all in one day at the same time. Break up these tasks and give yourself some cheer as well with shorter grooming times.

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