How to Groom a Responsive Dog

15 - 30 Minute
1 Week


Grooming a big dog is not without its share of challenges. But if you are lucky enough to have one like Jericho who responds quickly to your commands, it can definitely make grooming him much easier. Most dogs are not particularly fond of being bathed, brushed, or any other part of the grooming process. But, since Jericho tends to respond to new training relatively quickly, it shouldn't take him too long to get over the anxiety of being groomed and instead learn to love it. 

Dog's Perspective

While Jericho might be the kind of dog who picks things up quickly and never hesitates when you give him a command, grooming can be a different issue. It involves things like clippers, brushes, combs, shears, and, of course, the occasional bath. All of which tend to be a bit nerve-wracking at first. But given time, and patience on your part, Jericho will soon figure it all out. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Keep in mind that a tired dog is much easier to work with. A nice long walk is good for both of you anyway.
  • Take your time and brush slowly, this way if you do find any mats or tangles, you aren't immediately trying to rip them out, which can be very painful.
  • Also, keep in mind that yelling at your dog or punishing him will only make him harder to handle, not easier.
  • Use new toys as they are more likely to keep your dog distracted.
  • The sooner you start working with your pup and grooming him, the easier it will be for both of you. 


Having a dog like Jericho who willingly responds to you can make being a dog owner far more enjoyable. But, even the most responsive of dogs may need a little extra help learning to relax during grooming. Take your time, be patient, and make it a fun bonding experience for both of you. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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