How to Groom a Small Pup's Paws

15 - 20 Minutes
1 Month


Many breeds of small dogs need to have their paws groomed on a regular basis. From the hair that grows in between their paws and toes to the nails themselves, when you let these areas grow too long it can cause a range of problems for your pup. Hair or nails that are left ungroomed can be painful and make it very difficult for your dog to walk. Problems like this can also leave your dog standing with his paws twisted unnaturally, which can cause your poor pup's feet, ankles, knees, and hips to be permanently disfigured. 

Dog's Perspective

The last thing your pup wants is for his paws to hurt every time he takes a step. It's not so much that he cares if he feet look amazing, so much as he simply wants to be able to walk without pain. He counts on you to take care of his paws and groom them just as you do the rest of his body. While you could pay a pro to do the work, once you learn how, it should only take you a few minutes once or twice a month. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Be sure the shears you plan to use are safety shears (with rounded tips).
  • Dull shears can lead to serious injury; keep yours sharp or have them sharpened.
  • In the event you see any signs of injury or infection, be sure to take your dog to see his vet.
  • Be very careful and gentle when cutting the hair between his pads and toes to help reduce the risk of injury.
  • If you find any serious mats in his hair, do not try to remove them with a brush, use your shears to cut them out. It will be far less painful for your pup.
  • Let your pup get used to the shears and clippers before trying to use them. 


Taking care of your pup's paws is part of what should be his regular grooming. At the very least, you should groom his paws once a month. Not only will this make it far more comfortable for your pup when he is walking around, but it gives you a chance to check his paws for any signs of injury. 

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