How to Shave a Furry Dog

15 - 30
12 Months


While you may not ever plan to shave your furry pup, there could come a time when it becomes unavoidable. This could be a bad flea infestation, mats that are too thick to brush out, or possibly a skin condition that must be treated. Keep in mind that shaving your pup's hair off leave his skin exposed to injury and to sunburn. Once you shave your dog, you will need to protect their skin from the sun using a vet-approved canine sunblock. Take your time and talk to your dog in a calm voice during the shaving process, this will help keep him relaxed. In turn, this will make the job easier for you.

Dog's Perspective

No matter how hard it is to take care of, your pup's coat needs constant grooming to keep the mats and tangles down to a dull roar. Your dog is going to like being "naked" as much as he likes the shaving process. Give your pup plenty of time to get used to the clippers before you start shaving, this will make him more comfortable with using them. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Be sure the blade on your clippers is sharp to avoid jamming and ripping hair out of your dog's skin.
  • Use your free hand to stretch your pup's skin tight for smoother and easier shaving.
  • Never allow the clippers to come within less than one inch from your pup's eyes to avoid the risk of injury.
  • If you are not going to give your pup a bath before shaving, you should at least brush their coat to remove anything that might snag the clippers.
  • You should avoid using a hair dryer on your dog as the air coming out of it can be hot enough to burn their skin. 


Keep in mind your fluffy friend is likely to be more than just a little anxious when you go to shave him. Be sure you allow him plenty of time to get used to the clippers before you start using them. This will make the whole process go better for both of you. Take your time, go slow and give your dog a chance to get used to being shaved. 

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