How to Spa Bathe a Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Month


You know, you treat yourself to a day at the spa once a month, so why wouldn't you do the same for Lady? She deserves a good spa bath once a month just as much as you do. But have you looked at the cost of taking her in for a day at the spa? Depending on where you live, the prices can range from crazy all the way up to ludicrous! The alternative is for you to learn how to give Lady a spa bath at home. You can make a day of it, go for a walk, have a nice bath, trim those nails, and end the day with a movie and treats. A luxurious bath like this can have her feeling fantastic and can also get her nice and clean, ready to relax with you for the rest of the day.

Dog's Perspective

Lady may not realize that she deserves a spa bath unless, of course, you have been taking her to the spa. In which case, when you first stop, you might notice her acting a bit upset with you. But as long as you play the game just right and create a spa environment, she will forgive you! Give her some good time and attention to really give her the luxury that she deserves. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Be sure all products you use are vet-approved as being safe for use on dogs. Products made for use on humans or other animals such as cats can contain ingredients that have been found to be toxic to dogs.
  • Always rinse the shampoo out of her hair completely as residue can cause skin damage. You may want to have more than one rinse to ensure that you've removed all of it.
  • Use a pet-safe hair dryer, as dryers that are made for humans can get far too hot and cause injuries such as burns to your dog's skin.
  • Use your spa time to check Lady's body for things like fleas, ticks, mites, injury, or infection. It can be a good opportunity to identify any problems to bring up to your veterinarian later on.
  • Spa time is also a good time to trim her nails. If your dog is hesitant with clippers, you can try using a file or a dremel, if you have experience with one. 
  • Make sure to wash her face and other sensitive areas like the rear with a washcloth rather than pouring water onto these areas, as this can be uncomfortable for her.


The idea behind a good spa bath is that it is a great way to let your dog know how much you love her! Take your time and make every aspect of the bath fun. When you are all done, kick back together and settle with a good movie and some treats for both of you. If you make the experience one to remember, Lady will be much more likely to enjoy bath time in the future. 

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