How to Wash a Little Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
4 Weeks


Your little dog can be carried in your purse or in your arms. He snuggles on your lap because he’s the perfect size lap dog. Bathing him can be pretty simple because of his size. His baths still take some time, but he can fit inside a large bowl or bin or even in your sink. He's not going to need to be washed very often, but he will need to be cleaned every now and then, especially when he's become extremely dirty.

Dog's Perspective

Some little guys hate baths, and some don't mind them at all. Little dogs may use their immense energy to get dirty and may not want to slow down long enough to bathe, so yours may be reluctant to get in the water.

Caution & Considerations

  • Your little dog might be feisty. If he doesn't like baths, he could get away quickly and fall easily from a high sink like your kitchen or bathroom sink.
  • Never leave your little guy unattended near the water.
  • Small dogs tend to get chilled faster than larger dogs, so keep your little guy nice and toasty warm.
  • Prepare in advance for bath time by filling the sink or the tub with enough warm water to cover your little guy's belly.
  • Always test the water temperature to ensure it is not too hot nor too cold.
  • If you bathe your little dog in a bathroom, you can heat the bathroom by running hot water with the door closed for several minutes before you fill the tub with his warm bath water.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed while you are bathing your little dog to help keep him warm
  • Only use dog shampoo on your dog. Your dog's pH is much different than your own, so human shampoo could dry skin and cause itching and redness.
  • If your little guy does not enjoy baths, consider using wet wipes every other time he needs a bath.
  • Over-bathing your small dog can cause dry, itchy skin and a dry coat.
  • If you're skipping a wet bath you can use a dry shampoo in place of a wet wash.


Your little dog might be tiny, but he can create a huge mess. When it's time for washing, keep your little pup looking beautiful and smelling good with a simple bath or a wet wipe down. Even cleaning small areas like his paws can help make him looking fur-tastic.

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