How to Wash a Very Large Dog

30 - 60 Minutes
6 Weeks


Your large breed dog can become quite dirty. But because of his size, he's not always the easiest to clean. Washing a large dog comes with many challenges, but washing him can also be as simple as loving your big fluffball. You may want to consider his size when you determine how you will wash him, where you will get him clean, and how you will contain your big friend when he shakes off all the excess water from his bath.

Washing a large dog isn't always the easiest thing to do, but bathing him does not have to be complicated or difficult either. Be sure you plan and prepare in advance to make this bath easy for you both. 

Dog's Perspective

You never know just how your very large dog will react to a bath until you do it the first time. He might be nervous or simply uncomfortable. He might be excited and uncontrollable. Planning ahead and rewarding him will help you maintain your sanity and control over his reactions. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never underestimate the power of a small treat, even for your big guy.
  • Get creative when it comes time to wash your large breed dog.
  • You can wash your pup in a shower with you to avoid the mess of getting yourself soaked washing him elsewhere.
  • During warm weather, your large dog can be bathed outside with a hose and some dog shampoo. If the weather is really nice, he can also sun-dry outside.
  • Though your large dog might be able to step into a bathtub, you want to be careful that he does not slip and slide while he's in the tub. Getting in and out while wet can also be dangerous.
  • Washing your large dog doesn't have to be an incredibly daunting task. You can keep him well-maintained and smelling fresh with dry washes such as baking soda and dry shampoos and a good brushing.
  • If you plan to wash your dog outside and you need to tether him, be sure to secure his leash to something sturdy such as a tree or a post on your home rather than patio furniture that he can walk away with if he is unhappy.
  • Because your dog is so large, brushing him out before you get him wet and clean will make bath time shorter and more efficient.


Very large dogs mean very large and stinky dog smells. You may not bathe your giant dog as often as one may bathe smaller pups, but when he does need to be washed, make sure you are well prepared so you can get him clean without getting filthy yourself.

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