Christmas History: As Told by a Dog


The history of Christmas means something different for everyone. For children, it's the time of year when Santa makes his way down their chimney delivering presents. For others, it's about spending time with family or celebrating religious traditions. For dogs, however, it's so much more. It's a time when they get all the attention, treats, and a sneaky piece of turkey under the dinner table. There's no denying that dogs soak up a lot of the love and atmosphere. So, below, we cover Christmas History in movie form, as told by man's best friend for they are as deserving of the festive time of year as we are!

Max - The Grinch

The Grinch, as a movie, has been around for many years - with children from every age group having watched one version or another. What stays the same throughout all, however, is Max. Max the dog continues to be the faithful friend of the Grinch, putting up with his mood swings and going on fun Christmas adventures with him. The Grinch and Max represent furever friends.

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Snoopy

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a firm favorite in a dog's Christmas history. Not only does it feature everyone's favorite - Charlie Brown, but also Snoopy who is all too eager to get into the Christmas spirit. In the meantime, Charlie is suffering from the blues, but with the help of Snoopy and Lucy, he directs a Christmas play and learns about Christmas spirit once more. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Zero

If you prefer Christmas movies to be a little less pawsitive and a little more spooky, then Zero the dog's role in The Nightmare Before Christmas is bound to delight. Zero comforts Jack Skellington when he's feeling down and is the epitome of man's best friend. You are bound to feel that this movie represents the impawtance of friendship at a festive time of year. 

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The Search for Santa Paws - Santa Paws

Dogs love to be helpful, which is why The Search for Santa Paws epitomizes a dog's role in Christmas history. Santa Claus and his pooch Santa Paws head off on a mission to persuade a toy store owner to continue to be their benefactor. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat.