Cute Stocking Decorating Ideas for your Dog


Does your favorite doggy have a Christmas wish list? We bet your pup dreams of a Christmas stocking full of bones and chew toys! For the dog that has been nice and not naughty, create and fill a stocking with the gifts that every dog wants. Show your pup the love by making a custom stocking that suits their personality furfectly! Dogs come in all shapes and sizes so why not stockings, too? Make your mantle Santa ready with a stocking for your dog that is sure to please!

Hats Off to Heritage

Do you have an Irish Setter? Design a simple stocking with the Irish flag and stitch your pup's name across the top. If you have a Scottish Terrier, choose your favorite tartan as the fabric for the stocking. Attach a couple of jingly bells to spruce it up. Get creative according to your dog's origin - then fill the stocking with tasty treats!

Curls and Bows

For the curly-coated canine such as a Poodle, Bichon Frise or Portuguese Water Dog, decorate a stocking with pom poms! Search the Internet for an easy DIY design or head to your nearest craft store to purchase red, green and white pom poms. Cover the entire stocking, decorate just the cuff, or spell your pup's name out using pom poms. This design will catch Santa's eye!

Knit One, Pearl One

Knit your love for your dog right into their stocking! Your holidog deserves only the best so get ready for St. Nick by using your talents to make a Christmas stocking sure to be the envy of the dog park. The Internet is full of patterns and videos guaranteed to make this a simple task. Knit one, pearl one and fill it with homemade dog treats!
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Fabulous in Felt

Crafty and creative dog owners can fashion a gorgeous stocking without any hassle by using felt. Available in many colors, felt is easily glued or sewn into a stocking shape that will ensure your best buddy has a very merry holiday. Using felt to design or decorate a stocking is so easy that you can create them for a whole litter of pups!

Shapes and Sizes

Use fabric laying around your home to sew stockings of any shape or size. This is an economical way to decorate your mantle with the most unique stocking ever. Shape them like a dog bone, a paw print, or even in the shape of a dog's head. Your pup will have a happy howliday when they see their stocking full of toys on Christmas morning!