De-stressing Activities on Christmas


We all know that the holiday season can be very stressful. The shopping, the planning, the constant cooking and all the people are enough to overwhelm anyone - even your dog! Why not spend the days of Yule relaxing with one of these de-stressing activities for you and your pup? Having a calming experience with your dog sounds much better than spending Christmas all wound up and your dog will definitely agree! Give one of these activities a try or try them all. You have all of Christmas Day to do so! Make the festive season a relaxing one and it will surely be one of the best ever.

Give Others a Smile

While you may be feeling overwhelmed this Christmas, always remember there are others out there who are struggling, too. Bring your dog to a hospital, a children's medical center or a hospice. Your friendly pup will easily spread Christmas joy to those who may need it the most and you will feel great afterward as well!

Stick Together

Dogs are known to help people de-stress just by being around. When you start to feel anxious or like you have too much on your plate this holiday season, turn to your dog for help. Walking, cuddling and just being together will help you relax and your dog will also love the pawsitive attention.

Skip the Events

Christmas is full of parties and socializing. People are always around! This can be stressful for you and your dog as being around others constantly is exhausting. Plan for Christmas Day to be a quiet one, just you, your family and your pup. Unwind at home and try to get back to those "Silent Nights".
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Christmas Hike

Exercise is a calming way to de-stress for both you and your dog. Getting outside and stretching your legs will bring back some happy feelings and help the tension melt away. Bundle up and take your dog for a nice long Christmas hike. Unleash the holiday cheer! Doing so will be like a present to your dog and to yourself as you will feel revived afterward.

Home Massages

Massages are a great way to de-stress, although most massage centers will be closed on Christmas day. Luckily, you can give yourself a mini massage by rubbing on pressure points known to relieve stress. Between your thumb and pointer finger is a great place to start! Once you are feeling more relaxed, move on to soothe your dog with a loving doggy massage.

Daily Routine

When life gets hectic around the holidays, your day to day routine may be a little off and your dog will notice. If their 6 pm meal isn't served until 9 pm, they will definitely get stressed by the schedule change. Keep your days as routine as possible during Christmastime to help your dog remain calm during the holiday season.