Donation Centers for Dog Supplies in Dallas


Dallas is a wonderful city that readily opens its doors to everyone and welcomes people from all over the country. It is a city of culture, sport, and many events, a truly wonderful town to live in! And you and your pet surely do! However, this year, you can spread the love you have to more than just those in your immediate surroundings. This year, you can be the prime example of Dallas hospitality by helping those who cannot speak – the dogs of Dallas! Drop by one of these amazing donation centers and see how you can contribute to their wonderful cause!

Take Me Home Pet Rescue

Take Me Home Pet Rescue is a wonderful organization that helps rescue dogs by giving them the shelter, food, and love they desperately need. You can also do your part! Contribute to the cause by dropping off some of the much-needed items at their Richardson location! Bring them dog beds, crates, props for photos, dry and canned dog and puppy food, or toys and formula!

Don’t Forget to Feed Me

Don’t Forget to Feed Me relies on the generous donations of kind strangers of Dallas and you can help them this Christmas by getting them some canned food, dry food, or Ziploc bags. They have many donation locations, but why not take it one step further and host your own donation drive? It can be a great way to include the entire community!

Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness is a wonderful organization that helps homeless pets find loving families, and they rely on their donors and volunteers to continue doing the great work. Donating this holiday season can be as easy as shipping them an item from their wish list on Amazon, and that includes canned food, soft blankets, leashes, interactive toys, as well as milk replacement for puppies.

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SPCA of Texas

The Texas branch of SPCA also accepts donations; please drop off some large towels and blankets, hand sanitizers and paper towels, pet wipes, canned food, treats, toys, peanut butter, yogurt, newspaper, training leashes, puppy pads, nursing bottles, or harnesses. They are located at 2400 Lone Star Dr., and 4830 Village Fair Dr in Dallas, open Monday to Sunday. Pack a Santa bag of goodies to go!