Pampering Your Dog During The Holidays


Giving your dog lots of love and attention is important year round, but during the holidays you want to make sure your dog is pampered even more. It is the time for reflection and celebration after all! Your pup deserves to feel that holiday love too. These ideas will help you give your dog the best Christmas of their life. It doesn't take much effort to do something extra special for your pup and pampering them will make them the happiest dog on the block. And besides, a few of these activities will help you get pampered as well... read on!

Extra Time

During the holidays, you are likely busy shopping for gifts, attending parties and preparing for the season in general. Don't forget about your pup! Dedicating 30 minutes or more a day to your dog is an easy way to make sure they get the attention they deserve. Take an extra long walk or play a game of fetch to show your pup the love.

Doggy Massage

The holidays can be quite stressful for you and your dog may be feeling that tension, too. Help your best buddy relax with a doggy massage. There are plenty of guides you can find online that will tell you the best ways to give your dog a gentle massage to ease their muscles and make them feel truly pampered.

Bubble Bath

Get your dog nice and clean for greeting those holiday visitors by giving them a bubble bath with dog-safe shampoo. Adding a little oatmeal will help soothe any dry skin your dog may have as well (the winter weather can be tough on a pup's skin). Your dog will come out of the tub looking holiday ready and feeling great!
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Homemade Dog Treats

Rather than baking more Christmas cookies, why not whip up a batch of festive homemade dog treats? From peanut butter to sweet potato, from salty to savory treats, your dog will love them all! Put a tray of canine Yuletide yummies by the fireplace on Christmas Eve and maybe Santa will bring some home for his dog, too!

DIY Toys

Making a new toy for your dog is easier than you may think. Rip an old shirt into strips and braid them together to make a homemade rope for your dog that will smell like you, their favorite person! Make a treat toy out of PVC pipe, putting holes in it for treats to fall through. Nothing says Christmas love more than a homemade gift.

Christmas Walk

Bring your dog on an extra special walk on Christmas Eve. Walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations. Your dog will feel the Christmas magic just as much as you and the extra quality time you spend together is one of the best gifts you can give your dog.