Tips for Taking a Picture with Santa


Christmas photos with Santa were traditionally only for children. With more people considering their pets as their fur babies, however, there is now a rising demand for Santa to sit with pets for a photo to take pride of place on the pet owner's fridge. Just like children, however, the new environment and scary man in the red suit can prove to be too much. While dogs are less likely to throw a tantrum, they can decide to run off or be less than co-operative for the few seconds their stillness is necessary. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Leash or Harness

If you are taking your dog into a festive environment with several other pets, put them in a harness or make sure they wear a leash. Keep full control of your furry friend at all times to reduce the risk of Christmas carnage! A leash can also make it easier to get your happy holidog in position for a picture with Santa.

Sit for Santa

One of the most impawtant things to consider before your pet's pic with Santa is how well they know how to sit and stay. Santa can hold small dogs, but larger dogs will need to sit beside Santa instead. Would your dog listen to a "sit" command? Work on the sit and stay commands well before photo day!


Think of the chaos when you're lining up with children to get their photo with Santa. Then, imagine that same line with dogs. Before you bring your pooch for a Santa photo, ensure they are dog-social. Aside from Santa, your pup will need to be in a room full of other dogs. Ensure it's an environment they can handle.
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Toy Talk

If you're unsure how cooperative your dog is going to be, then bring along a toy to get their attention. You can hold it by the camera to get the perfect eye-contact shot, or merely placate them with it for the milliseconds you need them to keep still. A bribe of toys and treats will work for both children and pets!

Dress to Impress

If you want one memorable photo that you can treasure forever, then dress your pet to impress. Use this special photo opportunity to make it count. Make your day merry by choosing an outfit that will make your pooch look pawsitively adorable. However, ensure the costume does not cause any distress - it has to be comfortable!

Wear Them Out

Does your dog have high energy levels and a need for speed? You can get the best Santa pic possible by wearing them out before the big event. The more tired they are, the less likely they are to feel like playing with other dogs or running off to join in with those unleashing the holiday cheer.