Why Dogs get Excited at Christmas


The holiday season, what can be more fun? Your dog feels the same way about Christmas as you do; after all, they can sense the enthusiasm and anticipation that family members feel, and act upon it. Your favorite furry buddy wants to be at the heart of the family. It's only normal, and for good reason: you adore your dog and spoil them at holiday time! Reason's to include them in the festivities? We've got them - five reasons why dogs get excited at Christmas!

The Turkey

Dogs love to eat and holiday time is all about the food! While you can't feed your dog a lot of the Christmas goodies and sweets, they can have a small portion of turkey and vegetables (sans bones and gravy, of course). Your pup has been smelling the delicious aromas all day and now it's turkey time! They'll enjoy their pawsome meal when you partake in yours.

The Affection

With everyone on holiday break and the house full of family and friends, your pup gets plenty of affection, kisses and hugs. And that is something to get excited about! Non-stop activity, games to play, and people everywhere! While all of this is exciting for your dog, be sure to have a dog-only zone somewhere in the house where they can retreat to when they want!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party this year? Of course you are, and your pup wants to be invited! Snow bones about it, your pooch will love to strut their stuff in a sweater adorned with a Santa, Rudolph or Frosty image. Get your pup matching booties and take them out to unleash their joy as you hand out invitations throughout the neighborhood!
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The Tree

Your cuddly canine gets so excited when you bring nature inside! Christmas will be furry and bright when you include your dog in the Christmas tree selection and decorating. Head out to a cut-your-own tree farm and let your dog pick the tree. Once home, your buddy will have the happiest howliday ever helping you decorate! Remember though, no tinsel and place those breakable ornaments up high!

The Presents

Because your holidog has been good this year, Santa has a bag full of toys just for them! Puzzle games, treat toys, an interactive food dish, a ball launcher and a cushy, new dog bed are all items at the top of your pup's Christmas wish list. Spoil them with these toys and more so that they can keep their excitement going all year long!