Top 10 Dog Breeds in Dallas, TX

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Dallas projects a modern, progressive vibe, and Dallas-ites love their doggos, large and small, purebred and mixed! While the city contains lots of dog parks, it's also home to furtastic canine attractions that take advantage of the best the city has to offer. Your pampered fur-baby can board a pet-friendly trolley for when they just can't walk one more step, and a trip to one of the many bathing stations and upscale groomers will relieve them of their post-downtown walk doggy-smell. A number of taverns and cafes cater to both human and nonhuman clientele, with beverages, cool patio seating and lick-licious food. One of the restaurants is even attached to a dog park! So, which breeds are you most likely to find in this muttropolitan center?

#1 Chihuahua

What better dog to celebrate Dallas's strong latino culture than the feisty, fun-loving Chihuahua! Always first in line at the taco stand, this pup lives for Cinco de Mayo, and Dallas's May 5th celebration is pawrfect to show them off! Your charming, sassy fur-baby will fit nicely into your tiny post-modern apartment, and will love being carried in a backpack to the local farmers' market! Ole!

#2 Golden Retriever

The medium-sized Golden Retriever is the perfect pup for a Dallas-dweller who loves to play and cuddle. Bred as loyal sporting dogs, they're always ready for a fetch or frisbee game in one of Dallas's many parks, and are up for learning whatever you care to teach them, from dog etiquette to bringing your slippers after a long day at work! They need to work, too!

#3 Mutt

Mutts are one of the most common "breeds" in adoption-conscious Dallas. Many agencies do a great job with outreach to get these guys permanent homes in this Texas city. Adaptable and generally healthier than pure-bred pups because of their broad gene pool, mutts take on the major characteristics of their various breeds, sometimes with a few surprises thrown in. 

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#4 Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles, a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix, generally inherit the poodle's hypoallergenic nature, and most have a low or non-shedding coat, making them ideal for city dwelling. They make great dogs for people with limited mobility and are often used as guide or stress-relieving companion dogs. When they meet strangers and children on their walkies, they can be trusted to be friendly and ear-tug tolerant. 

#5 Lab Mix

Everyone loves Labs, whether they're part poodle, German Shepherd or chihuahua! No matter what genes live in them, they always manage to be pleasing, and they aim to please. Their can-do attitude makes them ready for anything: a walk through the Arts District, a stroll through the Texas State Fair, or a bite at an outdoor cafe. 

#6 Shih Tzu

Small apartment? Dog-friendly workplace? Yearning for giggles and fun with the kiddos? The "Lion Dog" Shih Tzu is a great city dog who can be posh or casual, but always ready for cozying on your lap or curling by your feet while you work. A real attention-getter, it's great fun to watch passersby ooh and aah over this pup's big brown eyes and silky coat. 

#7 German Shepherd

German Shepherds are intelligent, capable and confident. While they love play as much as any pooch, they need to feel useful and will excel at "leading" you on a walk in downtown Dallas, or a hike at one of the local parks. Protective but obedient, they know how to behave among lots of people and their stately, alert faces speak to their bond with humans. 

#8 Pitbull

"Pitbull" represents a large number of bulldog-terrier combinations, and they make great pets for city life. Their compact, short-coated bodies curl themselves into the tightest spaces, and their singing habits are hilarious entertainment! Loyal and smart, they behave well in crowds when they're well-trained, and are perfect for solitary hikes in the backcountry.  

#9 Labrador Retriever

Labs come in black, yellow and chocolate, and whatever hue you choose, you're sure to have a wingman at the local Dallas watering hole, a shadow as you wander through the Strauss Artists Square, and a new friend magnet at Chestnut Park. Everyone loves a lab, and while they can be gallumps, they're the sweet-faced buddy you want to come home to every day! Slurp!

#10 Chihuahua Mix

Whether they're part Beagle, Yorkie, JRT, or something else, Chihuahua Mixes have cute faces and big personalities that make them hard to resist. Chihuahua Mixes fit right in within a cosmopolitan city like Dallas, and their portable size makes them easy to bring along on adventures around town. Hop onto the McKinney Avenue Trolley with your pup for a free ride around the vibrant Uptown neighborhood!