Top 10 Dog Breeds in San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco is a city that has gone to the dogs, literally! Named the number one dog-friendly city in the country by Animal Planet in 2013 and SmartAsset in 2016, SF is brimming with places and activities that welcome four-legged guests. Hit the streets of San Fran and you'll easily find off-leash parks and beaches, doggie daycares, dog spas, dog bakeries, and Fido-friendly hotels, restaurants, and workplaces. In fact, there are more doggos than children that live here! SF residents obviously love their canine companions, but which breeds are more likely to be spotted in the City by the Bay?

#1 Golden Retriever

Friendly and outgoing, Golden Retrievers make furrific family dogs. This water-loving breed will have a barking good time at the city's many off-leash beaches! Ocean Beach, Fort Funston, Lands End Beach, and Esplanade Beach are some of the spots where your pup can get a good dose of vitamin sea! 

#2 Chihuahua

These small pooches with big personalities are pawfect for city living! Their petite size makes them easy to bring along on SF's famous cable cars and Muni buses. Your Chihuahua is welcome on all Muni vehicles during off-peak hours as long as they are leashed and muzzled or inside a carrier. Note that they'll have to pay a fare, too!

#3 Goldendoodle

With their cute appearance and friendly personality, it's no surprise that the Goldendoodle has snagged a spot among SF's top dog breeds! A cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, these affectionate dogs come in three sizes and will make woofderful additions to any home, whether you live in an apartment or the burbs.
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#4 Mutt

In a melting pot such as San Francisco, mixed breed dogs fit right in. Coming in different shapes and sizes, mutts make just as good pets as their purebred counterparts. Whether you're planning to explore the Fisherman's Wharf area, grab a bite to eat at Palomino's, or just curl up with a good book at home, your mutt will be more than glad to accompany you!

#5 Terrier Mix

Generally playful and energetic, Terrier mixes will make sure there's never a dull moment in your home! Furtunately, the city has no shortage of off-leash play areas where your hybrid pooch can run off their energy. SF is also very walkable, so getting Fido's daily exercise in should be a walk in the park!

#6 Pit Bull

“Pit Bull” does not refer to a breed; rather, it is a generic term for Pit Bull-type dogs including the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Pit mixes. Often misunderstood, Pit Bulls make puptastic family companions when provided with lots of TLC and would be excellent additions to any home in the SF suburbs. 

#7 Husky

The Siberian Husky is a pack dog that would be more than happy to join your family, even if you already have other canines! This breed, which is notorious for shedding a lot, is pawfectly suited for the cool and foggy weather of San Francisco. Just be prepared to groom your Husky daily during shedding season. 

#8 Chihuahua Mix

Jack Chis, Chugs, Chorkies, Cheagles... Whatever the combination, Chihuahua mixes will definitely steal your heart! These pups make great pets for smaller living spaces, which are abundant in the heart of San Francisco. If you're lucky enough to work at a dog-friendly office, take your Chi mix along with you!

#9 Labrador Retriever

Easygoing and affectionate—it's no surprise that the Labrador Retriever is America's most pawpular breed and a top dog breed in San Francisco! Easygoing doesn't equal lazy, though. Labs require plenty of exercise, which they can get at SF's many dog parks! Check out Upper Douglass, St. Mary's, and Rincon Hill!

#10 Lab Mix

What do you get when you mix the country's favorite breed with other breeds? Love, loyalty, and a whole lot of cute! Let your Lab mix tag along when you eat out—San Fran is home to over 170 dog-friendly restaurants! One of these is Park Chalet, which has a huge Fido-friendly lawn out back!