Top 10 Cutest Dog Names

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If you are looking for the pawfect name for your new canine companion, then you want to make sure that you choose a fitting name that will match their look and their character. Most people would agree that puppies are as cute as a button. However, if your puppy was born with an extra sprinkling of pizzazz and beguiling looks, then you will definitely want to choose a befittingly cute name and not just any ordinary or traditional name.

Choosing a cute name can be challenging for several different reasons. The most obvious reason is that there are just too many names out there and narrowing down to the one pawfectly cute name can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. If this is your challenge, then fear not. We are here to inspire you and maybe even suggest a name that is just pawrific for your new pup.

An easy way to pick the right cute name is to find a character trait or physical feature of your new doggy that stands out, and then find a cute name that describes this feature. Below are some cute dog names inspired by the many different features that make one pawtacular pupper stand out from another. 


Bolt is a cute name for a pup with an electric personality. Bolt is also the eponymous name of a Walt Disney animation that tells the story of a barker that becomes a true hero.


If your pupper is a little troublemaker, then Entropy is a furrific name to match their personality. Entropy means a ‘gradual decline into disorder,’ a cute name for a dog that is too naughty for their own good.


Lucyfur is another name that you can give to a mischievous pupper that is just too cute to admonish. The name is funny and cute at the same time when you imagine how such a little pup can be so destructive at the same time.  

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Droolius Maximus

If your pupper demands respect from his/her peers, but at the same time wets the ground they walk with their drool, then this is a fitting cute and funny name.

Brad Sit

Brad Sit is another cute tongue-in-cheek name referencing the famous actor. If your pup has a handsome face, then this definitely a fitting name.


If you feel that your pup is unique or ‘sui generis’ then Luna is probably the name for them. The name Luna was given to the Roman goddess who was believed to be the divine personification of the moon.


If you have a cute pupper that is also tiny, or maybe even a pup that is cute because they are so tiny, then Pip is a suitable name to match their cuteness and stature. 


For a dog that is larger than life, not just in character, but in physical stature as well, then this is a befitting name for them. 


Diesel is a woofderfully cute name for a pup that is full of energy and just can’t help but get themselves dirty when expending it.


One of the cutest names that will almost automatically roll off your tongue when you see a cute little pup is Angel. ‘Awww what a cute little Angel.’