Top 10 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Jaws

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Our dogs are amazing! They are loving companions, woofderful playmates, and prolific athletes! Just like people, some dogs just seem born to be strong! Often, those pups whose genetics have gifted with specific traits like extra scent glands, amazing sight and incredible muscles become working dogs. You can see these pups leading the blind, sniffing out contraband, or even running with a military pack in times of war. Guard dogs use their pawrific jaws as a defense against any threats to their pack. Some breeds have been blessed with incredibly strong jaws, which we can quantify with the use of the scientific measure of force: psi (pounds per square inch.)  Looking for a strong jawed pup? Here are the top breeds!

#1 Kangal

With an almost unbelievable bite force of 734 psi, the Kangal doubtless has the strongest jaws in the world. Bred in Turkey to bring down larger animals preying on sheep and other livestock, these pups are masters at neutralizing danger! Gentle toward children and domesticated animals, they make furtastic guard dogs, and playmates! Their distinctive, beautiful multi-colored coat makes them one of the handsomest as well! Furbulous!

#2 Bandog

A cross between a mastiff and a bulldog, members of this loyal, ancient crossbreed are among the strongest in the world and have the tools to protect their packs. The jaws of a Bandog pack a force of 730 psi, and while they look formidable, they fit nicely with a human family who understands their need for play, work and consistent routines filled with affection.

#3 English Mastiff

These huge, lumbering canines seem unlikely to be counted among the strongest-jawed dogs. It's surprising when you realize that their bite strength matches their size: 556 psi. Fortunately, English Mastiffs are safe around families and children, with none of the quirks that make us wary of some other breeds. They're more likely to use their chew-power to shred their new favorite toy, or chomp on a steak bone!
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#4 Wolf/Dog Hybrid

Bred with domesticated dogs, wolves never entirely lose their wild natures. Furthermore, wolves have a strong pack mentality, and they see their human families as their packs. Backed up by a psi clamp of 406 in their jaws, along with a fearsome snarl and rippling muscles, they would make anyone wary. Once the threat is gone, they're right back to tossing, chasing and catching with impunity!

#5 Rottweiler

These cutie-pies are loyal, hard-working and have tons of energy, which is physically displayed in their muscular bodies and mouths. While Rottweilers are extremely family-oriented, good-natured and friendly, in the instant they or a loved one is threatened, they become a heavy-duty protection machine. With a jaw strength and bite force of 328 psi, you'll want these pups on your side!

#6 American Bulldog

The Bulldog's massive head and neck are a clue to how much power resides within this compact pup. This breed is fun, playful and comical, but can switch to protective mode in the blink of an eye! With an impressive 305 psi, a bulldog's humans needn't worry about threats!  And don't try to pry that ball or doggy toy from between his jaws - you'll fail!

#7 German Shepherd

German Shepherds have been employed as guard dogs for many years because their presence signals strength. And the family sheep and cows will stay in line with these pups watching over them. But to anyone who looks beyond their reputation, Shepherds are intelligent, playful, graceful and affectionate. When they play catch, the ball won't escape their 238 psi jaws! And they're great at keepaway! Arf!

#8 American Pit Bull

With a jaw strength measurement of 235 psi, the Pit Bull is right up there with the other heavy hitters. These muscular, playful and affectionate pups have a lot of energy and will likely win any game of Tug o' War with their people. Not only will they never let go, their legs are all muscle, so you might just be carried along when they pull!

#9 Chow Chow

These soft, fluffy dogs with blue tongues don't appear at first glance to be fearsome, but they were used in China for centuries to herd livestock, and went to war with Mongolian armies. While the Chow Chow isn't a high-energy dog, and lays about quite a bit, when aroused by danger or play, this pup can use their strong jaws well with a PSI of 220.

#10 Belgian Malinois

Looking a bit like a smaller German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois are alert, brave, resourceful pups who are also intelligent and playful. They're extremely muscular and strong, with jaws to match. A pawsome Malinois chomping on a chewie exerts 195 psi on it! Because of this amazing jaw strength, these loyal pooches make great guard dogs to protect their packs, both human and canine!