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Dog Areas in Davenport, CA

1 Eatery

Davenport is a furrific seaside community in Santa Cruz County. It was named after John Pope Davenport, who was a whaling captain that settled in this city in 1867. He built a port here, which was known as Davenport Landing, and soon, a small town grew up around it. Today, Davenport is known for it surfing opportunities. There are many reefs and beaches between the cliffs here. All of this land provides an amazing view for anyone who visits this city.

If you want to grab a bite to eat with your canine friend, check out the Whale City Bar and Grill, which is dog-friendly and offers outside seating for you and your hungry hound. While you sit outside enjoying your drink and meal with your pooch, you can enjoy a pawesome view of the ocean. You can get breakfast, lunch or dinner here, or just stop by for a drink and an appetizer.

Davenport is a great place for you and your pooch to bond together and enjoy some one-on-one time with each other while you are making memories. If you need more amenities, you can drive a short distance to nearby cities, but none will have quite the same magnificent view as the city of Davenport!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Davenport, CA

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 408/sq mi

    #1 Davenport Beach


    This pawesome neighborhood is home to -- you guessed it -- Davenport Beach! This beach is such a great place to take your furry friend. Your pal will need to stay on their leash while you are here, but if you are looking for some fun in the sun, this is the place to be. The sand is soft under the paws and the water is easily accessible. Something to keep in mind is that there is a strong undertow, so if your pooch likes to swim, keep a very close eye on him. You will need to bring water, doggie waste bags and something that will provide you and your canine pal shade from the hot sun.

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 688/sq mi

    #2 E Cliff Dr

    This dog-friendly neighborhood is located 11 miles from Davenport, California and is home to Seabright Beach. When visiting this beach, your pooch will need to stay on their leash. This rule is enforced to ensure everyone' safety, including your dog's. The surf is calm and very accessible, so your four-footed friend will be too busy having fun to care staying on his leash. Pack all the essentials you need to enjoy the pawfect day at the beach, including water, waste bags, towels, and something for shade. Oh, and don't fur-get to bring sunscreen for yourself!
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 688/sq mi

    #3 Twin Lakes


    Since it's located on Cali's coastline, Davidson is surrounded by some furrific dog-friendly beaches! Twin Lakes State Beach is no exception. This beach is home to gorgeous views, so don't forget to bring a camera to capture them. You'll need to keep your pooch on their leash while you are visiting this beach. Trash cans are provided so you can clean up after your furry friend, and you'll find parking close by. A really nice perk is that there is a hose you can use to wash the sand out of your pup's fur. You will want to bring extra water with you, as well as towels, doggie waste bags and an umbrella for shade. You and your pooch will have a blast at this beach!

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 6,802/sq mi

    #4 Park Ave


    This fur-iendly neighborhood has a great beach with a pawesome atmosphere that you and your pooch will enjoy. Sixteen miles from Davenport, you'll find the New Brighton State Beach. This is a beautiful place to enjoy a quiet stroll with your leashed pup. Don't forget to bring the essentials along! New Brighton Beach covers a whopping 95 acres and even has some opportunities to camp. It also offers stunning views of Monterery Bay. Locals advise that nearby parking can be difficult to find on the weekends, so be sure to hit the road early if you plan to spend a Saturday or Sunday here!

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 688/sq mi

    #5 Mitchell's Cove Beach


    Mitchell’s Cove Beach is just 5 miles from Davenport. The best part? Dogs are allowed to explore off-leash! There are designated times when your pooch can be off their leash: from sunrise until 10 am every morning, and from 4 pm to sunset every evening. Dogs must be leashed between those times. Be mindful of the tide here -- during high tide, there's practically no beach to visit, and it can also be dangerous for you and your dog. The area is not fenced in, so all dogs exploring the area should respond well to voice commands. Bring water, towels, an umbrella for shade and supplies for cleaning up after your furry friend.

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