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Dog Areas in Hanover, MA

4 Parks
12 Trails
5 Shops
1 Eatery
4 Groomers

Most citizens of this friendly country town own land in the wide-open, rich woodlands of Hanover, Massachusetts. Dog owners and their four-legged best friends appreciate the acreage. Even with the country feeling in the air, Hanover still has the convenience of shopping malls, industry, and technology. The town was established 100 years after the Pilgrims landed and still carries vestiges of the colonial days. Many homes still have the stone fences, and historic landmarks punctuate the town. Hanover has tons of streams, creeks, and brooks snaking through the trees, so if your dog likes to swim, he'll feel right at home here!

Pet owners adore living in Hanover! There are 2 veterinarians, 4 pet groomers, and 5 pet shops here. You'll have everything you need for your pooch right within the town limits! There are 12 official trailheads in Hanover, but simply walking through town or even the street you live on feels like a nature-filled excursion. There are 4 city parks with all the amenities for a quaint day out at the park. You'll even find a dog-friendly brewery here where you and your best furry friend can chill out and enjoy a cold one after a long day at work.

Fido's tail won't stop wagging in Hanover!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Hanover, MA

  1. Dog Parks None
    Population Density 829/sq mi

    #1 Columbia Road


    Does your dog like to sniff out antiquities while you enjoy a cold pint? If you live off Columbia Road, you can visit the British Beer Company, a local pub decorated with vintage colonial relics. The pub is definitely the center of life for Hanover. The pub hosts events, like the Annual Book Exchange & Pizza Party and a weekly Trivia Night, and live local bands come to play tunes for all the patrons -- two-legged and four. Enjoy a cold beer while Fido gets plenty of belly scratches! If you're more in the mood to get outside, you and your dog can go for a walk by the North River. The river's shore is a great place for your dog to splash and play!

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 829/sq mi

    #2 Water Street


    Does your dog love to trailblaze through the forest? If your dog's paws are basically hiking boots, then head to Luddam's Ford Park off Water Street. There is an awesome trail system in Luddam's Ford Park! Many of the trails loop around scenic hiking spots with overlooks of the pond. The shortest trail is .19-miles long, with the longest being .38-miles, so they're perfect even for small breed dogs that can't walk for too long. Traveling further south will land you in the Tucker Preserve, which has even longer trails and is dog-friendly! The preserve makes a great place to immerse yourself in nature so Fido can have a Tolstoy-esque transcendental experience!

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 829/sq mi

    #3 Center Street


    Does your dog stalk the window getting ready for a glimpse of rabbit? There are a bunch of rabbit and hare species native to Massachusetts, and Fido's best shot of seeing one is at the Morrill Allen Philips Wildlife Sanctuary. Maybe if he's lucky he'll even see a flying squirrel! The wildlife sanctuary also has a complex trail system which follows stone paths, open land, and marked trail guides. You can start at Bradford Road and hike your way through the 1.6-miles of trails down to the Old Granite Gate Post. There's plenty of majestic scenery to enjoy on the way. If Fido sees a rabbit, hang tight on his leash and give him a treat if he doesn't pull!

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 829/sq mi

    #4 King Street


    Does your dog think he's an otter in the body of a Dalmatian? If your dog loves the water, then living off King Street is a good place to call home! For a day outing, you can walk down to the 43-acre Forge Pond Park. Forge Pond has 3 baseball and softball fields and 3 open play fields. The community comes together often for outdoor events where Fido is more than welcome to join. Both paved and unpaved trails surround the property, with some leading into and back out of the woods. To the east of the park is Cranberry Brook, where your dog can splash around in the shallows!

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 829/sq mi

    #5 Summer Street


    Does your dog love secluded walks through the woods? If you head over to Summer Street, you'll find the old National Fireworks factory. It's not the building Fido's interested in -- it's what's behind it! Behind the old National Fireworks factory is a complex trail system that leads to a neat little creek -- a perfect place to set up a picnic! There are a few places to park right at the trailhead and even more parking down on King Street at Forge Pond Park. The best time to visit is during the fall when the leaves change colors and paint the ground!

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