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Dog Areas in Grantwood Village

1 Park
1 Trail
1 Groomer

Grantwood Village is a tiny city that you would probably miss if you blinked. There is one veterinarian operating in the city limits. It is close to the very popular Grant’s Farm, and is one of the access points to the over eight miles of Grant’s Trail, a very popular hiking and bicycling route. The entire trail is paved, so mind your pup's paws on hot days. Along the way, there are places that sell snow cones in the summer, and several fast food restaurants make it easy to pick up a snack or lunch to share with a four-legged pal. Dogs are welcome on Grant’s trail as long as they remain on a leash.  

The stretch of the trail near Grantwood Village cuts across the pasture for the Clydesdale horses. These huge horses are the emblematic mascots of the the Anheuser Busch Company (now owned by the Belgian company InBev). This part of the trail winds along the meandering Gravois Creek. Note that dogs are not permitted inside the Grant’s Farm attraction. Along the length of Grant’s Trail are numerous places to stop and rest.

The Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site encompasses ten acres which are now part of the National Parks system. The cabin built by President Grant is located on the property.  There is a visitor center, but dogs are not allowed inside these buildings.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a day in nature, or want to learn a little history with your pup by your side, Grantwood Village is quaint place to do both!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Grantwood Village

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 4,500/sq mi

    #1 St Louis Hills


    St. Louis Hills is just three miles north of Grantwood Village. Southwest City Dog Park at Willmore Park has over an acre for dogs from all over St. Louis to find a place to play and sniff out a few new pals. This dog park has some well-used kiddie pools in the summer months, and there are a few pieces of agility equipment if a dog wants to jump over or climb over something. Drinking water is available at the dog park, and waste baggies are in good supply. The human companions will find a bench under a big shade tree from which to supervise their pup at play. This dog park is for members only. Registration and fees are payable to the St. Louis Hills Homeowner’s Association.

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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 935/sq mi

    #2 Sunset Hills


    Kitun Dog Park in Sunset Hills, just five miles from Grantwood Village, makes it a fine day to be a dog! An acre of green prime real estate makes every dog feel like top dog. Toy breeds have their own playground, too. This dog park features a water fountain that lets dogs and people share a drink together, and there is always a line of furry friends waiting to use the agility equipment in the large dog section. A few benches let the human companions keep close watch on their pals. The dog park is open from sunrise until sunset, and is accessible by membership only. Residents of Sunset Hills and Crestwood get a reduced fee, but dogs from all over are members of Kitun.

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  3. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 2,961/sq mi

    #3 Kirkwood


    Looking for an adventure? You'll find one just 5 miles away, at Treecourt Unleashed Dog Park Adventure in Kirkwood! This private dog park has nine acres of grass and natural terrain for dogs of all breeds and types to run and explore. There is a small dog section, too. A small creek criss-crosses through the center of the dog park, and makes for some happy wet paws and tails on those hot days. There are trees throughout the dog park, and many places for the human companions to sit and watch their pup enjoy their canine companions. Dogs must pass a temperament test before being able to join this dog park.

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  4. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,629/sq mi

    #4 Creve Coeur


    The Creve Coeur Dog Park at Conway Park, just 10 miles from Grantwood Village, is the pawfect space for pups to play. This fully fenced dog park has over two acres of grass to romp in, and your pup will go mutts over all the new scents from the flowers and lake here. A separate space prevents the small pups from ruffhousing with the big breeds. There are plenty of benches for the human companions. A brisk walk around the nearby lake give the human companion and the leashed dog a bit of time to explore together. This is a members-only dog park.  Fees must be paid before obtaining the codes to the dog park.

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  5. Dog Parks 2
    Population Density 1,797/sq mi

    #5 Arnold


    Arnold, just a short 10 miles from Grantwood Village, has not one, but two pawesome dog parks! The Paw Parks at Arnold's public parks are worth the short drive. These free public dog parks are rare for the area. They have over an acre of fully fenced ground for dogs to run and play leash-free. The Paw Park at the City Park and at Ferd B. Lang Park have the same layout. There is a small dog section for safe play. Drinking water is available at both sites, and there are doggie waste stations available for easy cleanups.  Numerous benches situated under shade trees make it a pleasant outing for the human companions.

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