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Dog Areas in Clinton, NJ

5 Parks
3 Trails
1 Shop
2 Eateries
1 Groomer

The historic town of Clinton is extremely picturesque, which is why a number of movies have been filmed here. With everything from neighborhood parks and nature preserves to dog-friendly restaurants and a highly rated veterinary hospital, this town has everything you could possibly need for a pawtastic time with your pooch.

One of the most scenic walks to be had in Clinton is along the 1.8 mile Landsdown Trail, which follows along an old railroad track from the 1800's. Passing through woodlands, wetlands and open fields, this is a walk that will definitely get Fido's tail wagging.

If your pooch would prefer a park, there are several to choose from in Clinton. The Spruce Run Recreation Area features 2030 acres of greenery to explore, along with a 1290 acre reservoir, which boasts 15 miles of sandy shoreline. A 2.6 mile section of the Highlands Trail runs through this park, taking you through a maple forest, a pine forest, and a portion of the reservoir shoreline.

After all of that walking, you and Fido are likely to be hungry, so treat yourselves to a meal at one of Clinton's dog-friendly restaurants. The Towne Restaurant is a quaint restaurant located in downtown Clintotn, and serves up breakfast and lunch, while Christie's Artisan Bread and Pastry shop specializes in freshly baked goods, along with delicious coffees.

With so many exciting green areas to take your pooch to in Clinton, this is a town that you and your pup will never get bored of. 

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Clinton, NJ

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,012/sq mi

    #1 Clinton


    There are quite a few green spaces to explore in the Clinton neighborhood, making this an area that your pooch will really love. The largest, at 95 acres in size, is the Union Forge Nature Preserve, which is home to such a wide variety of plant life, with everything from raspberries and honeysuckle to white oak and black cherry trees living here. Of course, what your pup will enjoy the most is the 1.5 mile walking trail, which will take you past meadows, woodlands and even a creek. Also in this neighborhood is the South Branch Reservation, which offers up a number of recreational opportunities, including canoeing, hunting, fishing and hiking. 

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 1,566/sq mi

    #2 High Bridge


    Directly adjacent to Clinton is the neighborhood of High Bridge in High Bridge, which is home to quite a few different parks. Begin at Union Forge Park, where you will find sports fields, a large pond, a playground, and some historical buildings that date back to the 1700's. Not too far away from here is Lake Solitude, which is not only home to a large lake, dam and waterfall, but also to six miles of walking trails for you and Fido to explore. If your pup would prefer a shorter walk, the Main Street Mini-Park is in this neighborhood, with its carefully-chosen selection of plants and plenty of benches from where you can enjoy them. 

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 239/sq mi

    #3 Charlestown Road


    The neighborhood of Charlestown Road in Hampton is right next to Clinton, and offers up some pawsome dog walks. This is where the Clinton Wildlife Management Area is located, featuring large patches of woodland, along with a section of the 100+ mile Highlands Trail. For another pawtastic walk, head to the 269 acre Charlestown Reserve, which is home to some of the most reclusive mammals in Hunterdon County. From Turkey Vultures to Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, there are so many fascinating species that live here. There are a few different walking trails within the reserve, each one connecting to the next, making it easy to explore the natural beauty all around you.

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 842/sq mi

    #4 Glen Gardner


    Less than a mile from Clinton is the Glen Gardner neighborhood of Glen Gardner, and this is quite a green part of town. The highlight of this neighborhood is that it provides access to the Point Mountain Reservation, which features Point Mountain, the third highest peak in Hunterdon County, at the center of it. There are several different recreational activities offered here, from fishing to horseback riding, but what your pooch will appreciate the most are the many miles of hiking trails within the park. There are five main trails in total, and some of these connect up with each other, making it easy to spend the entire day exploring the park. 

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 382/sq mi

    #5 Finn Park


    Less than three miles from Clinton is the neighborhood of Finn Park in Pittstown, and although this is quite a small neighborhood, there are still some pawtastic walks to be had here. One of the most popular parks in the area is Finn Road Park, which sprawls out for 132 acres, and consists of a variety of sports fields, a playground, a picnic pavilion and a snack shack. The park is also home to two trails, one paved and even trail that is half a mile long, and another, more irregular, trail that stretches out for just over three miles. The longer trail is always loved by dogs, and will take the two of you through beautiful woodlands, as well as farm fields. 

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