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Dog Areas in Mechanicsburg

15 Parks
9 Shops
9 Eateries
13 Groomers

Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania is surrounded by fields and old farmland, with a bustling downtown and large residential area. The town is 8 miles west of Harrisburg and is known for its growing expansion into the railroad that runs through the town. Dog lovers in town will know the town for its dog-friendly atmosphere, it's very walkable streets and shopping district, and 5 different animal hospitals.

The small-town has lots of places to take Fido, but the best by far is Mechanicsburg's Doggie Dugout. The area provides your pup with a place to run around off-leash safely, with two separate fenced-in areas for large and small dogs, double-gated entryways, and a large grassy field with shady trees. Dogs and humans will enjoy amenities like water fountains, free water bowls, picnic tables, lounge chairs, clean-up stations, and trash bins.

The Lower Allen Community Park is on the south side of town, and provides residents with a huge space for multiple purposes. The area is surrounded by trees, with grassy fields, 3 different fenced-in baseball fields, paved walkways, tennis courts, and a basketball court. There's plenty of room to run around and play, or different paths to go for a long walk. Your pup must remain on a leash at all times, but has access to water fountains, trash bins, clean-up stations, nighttime lights, and benches.

With so many different things to do with your pup, its no wonder that Mechanicsburg has become such a hotspot for dog-lovers from all over the area.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Mechanicsburg

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,491/sq mi

    #1 Dillsburg Junction

    Dillsburg Junction is a small northern neighborhood filled with residential homes and busy streets. The 11-acre Pleasant View Park has plenty of open space and recreational fields that are open to humans and pups. The park has a concrete walking path that encircles the area, extending over .6 miles. There's also enclosed baseball courts, a baseball field, a pavilion, a playground, picnic tables, and restrooms in the middle. Dogs are permitted in the park while they remain on a leash 6 feet or shorter, and can enjoy amenities like benches, water fountains, clean-up stations, trash cans, and nighttime lights. The park is open from sunrise to sunset.
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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 4,384/sq mi

    #2 Mechanicsburg Borough District

    The neighborhood of Mechanicsburg Borough District is the center of the city, providing residential areas and packed shopping centers. Finkenbinder Park is right in the middle of the residential area of the neighborhood, offering residents with a fenced-in baseball field, a trail that encircles the park, a playground, and large oak trees that provide shade over the picnic tables and sitting areas. The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park is a much busier park in the area, but has over 8 acres more of open space with different baseball fields, soccer fields, and longer walking trails available. Dogs will have to remain on a leash inside both parks.
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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,190/sq mi

    #3 Orchard Crest

    Orchard Crest is a suburban neighborhood south of the downtown area of Mechanicsburg. The main attraction for most dog walkers in the community is Koser Park, which has a long, narrow strip of land interlaced with open fields and dense patches of woods. There are 9 different baseball fields available of different sizes, with some of them fenced-in. The park also features paved walkways, nature trails through the woods, a playground, a pavilion, restrooms, open space, and a picnic area. Whether running around in the open space or taking a leisurely walk, Fido will have access to water fountains, clean-up stations, trash bins, and benches.
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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,967/sq mi

    #4 Winding Heights

    Winding Heights is an upscale neighborhood in the southern part of town, filled with residential homes and open farmland. Some of the old farmland was converted into parks, like the Winding Hills East Park. The area is pretty crowded, filled back to back with 4 different fenced-in baseball fields, a soccer field, open space, and basketball courts. There is a paved path that encompasses the area, with access to restrooms, water fountains, trash bins, and benches. Spring Run Park is another park in the neighborhood that has a much more open area, surrounded by trees for shade and privacy. There's a basketball court, a playground, and lots of benches around the park, but you will have to remember to bring water and clean-up bags.
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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,755/sq mi

    #5 Carlisle Pike/ Salem Church Rd

    The Carlisle Pike and Salem Church Road neighborhood is home to the town's industrial park and a small portion of the cities residential area. Inside the community is Salem Park, a packed recreational space with 11 baseball diamonds, fenced-in fields, and an open space for multi-purpose uses. Trees surround the park, and additional features like water fountains benches and trash bins are available. Hampden Park is east of Salem Park, and offers a much larger area with more open space available. This park features a .4 mile trail, a pavilion, a playground, benches, water fountains, and fenced-in tennis courts. Dogs must remain on a leash inside both parks.
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