Drontal Plus for Dogs

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Published: 07/26/2021Updated: 07/27/2021
Drontal Plus for Dogs

Drontal Plus is a broad-spectrum dewormer for canines that is available only by prescription. This medication rids dogs of tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Drontal Plus contains 3 active ingredients that act against different worms in different ways. 

Praziquantel, for instance, paralyzes tapeworms, causing them to break loose from the walls of the intestine and allowing the dog to digest them. This partial or complete digestion of the worms is why you may not see worms in the stool after giving this medication. 

The ingredient pyrantel pamoate is effective for ridding dogs of pinworms, hookworms, and roundworms. Pyrantel pamoate works similarly to praziquantel in that it renders the nematodes unable to move so the body can naturally flush them out. 

Febantel targets whipworms and works a little differently than the other 2 active ingredients. Febantel inhibits the whipworm's ability to metabolize glucose, thus killing and ridding the body of the worms.

How much does Drontal Plus for dogs cost? What's the correct dosage? Does Drontal Plus have any side effects or drug interactions? Read on for more information.


Drontal Plus for dogs costs between $9 and $20 on average, depending on the dosage strength and the retailer. 


Drontal Plus comes in 3 dosage strengths based on weight. The exact dosage amount for each strength is as follows:

Drontal Plus for puppies and small dogs

  • 2–4 pounds: 0.5 tablets

  • 5–7 pounds: 1 tablet

  • 8–12 pounds: 1.5 tablets

  • 13–18 pounds: 2 tablets

  • 19–25 pounds: 2.5 tablets

Drontal Plus for medium-sized dogs

  • 26–30 pounds: 1 tablet

  • 31–44 pounds: 1.5 tablets

  • 45–60 pounds: 2 tablets

Drontal Plus for large dogs

  • 45–60 pounds: 1 tablet

  • 61–90 pounds: 1.5 tablets

  • 91–120 pounds: 2 tablets

Dosage instructions 

You may give Drontal Plus with or without food either by itself or concealed in a treat. These are flavored pills, so many pets enjoy taking this medication alone.


Studies on the effectiveness of Drontal Plus have yielded some positive results. A controlled study of 24 dogs with giardia infections found that 6 of 8 dogs treated with Drontal Plus for 3 days had no giardia eggs in the stool. It's important to mention that dogs can still secrete eggs in the feces for up to 1 week post-treatment. 

Active ingredients

The active ingredients in Drontal Plus for dogs are praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and febantel.

Side effects

Studies of dogs given well over the recommended dosage of Drontal Plus exhibited vomiting and diarrhea, but these symptoms resolved after the end of treatment.

Normal doses of Drontal Plus may have some mild side effects for dogs. These include: 

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Blood or mucus in stools


Do not give this drug to dogs that are currently pregnant since studies show Drontal Plus for dogs can cause fetal abnormalities. Likewise, you should not give this medication to pups younger than 3 weeks old or dogs under 2 pounds.

Be very careful when handling your pet's feces after giving this medication since dogs often pass worm eggs after treatment. Bag up the feces using gloves, and wash your hands well after disposing of the waste. 

Drug interactions

This medication has no known drug interactions, but it's still important to tell your vet if your pet is taking any medications before administering this drug. 

Allergic reactions and sensitivity 

Do not give this medication to dogs with known allergies or sensitivities to praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, or febantel.

Signs of a drug allergy include but are not limited to the following:

Frequently asked questions 

How do I store Drontal Plus for dogs?

Store Drontal Plus in a dark and dry location at room temperature. 

How often can I re-treat my dog with Drontal Plus?

You may use this medication once every 21 to 26 days if your dog is at risk of being reinfected. 

Will Drontal Plus kill heartworm larvae?

No. Drontal Plus will only act on hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. 

What are the signs of an intestinal worm infection?

Dogs who have intestinal worms may have a round, bloated belly and may always seem hungry. They may also be lethargic, vomit frequently, and have bouts of diarrhea. 

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