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5 Ways to Spoil Your Schnauzer on National Schnauzer Day 2023



September 25 is National Schnauzer Day. An initiative of UK-based dog accessories company Moo Moo & Bar, National Schnauzer Day is a day when lovers of these bearded beauties celebrate all things Schnauzer.

Now, we know you don’t need an excuse to spoil your Miniature, Standard, or Giant Schnauzer rotten, but what better time than September 25 to treat your pup to something special!

Originally bred as a farm dog in Germany, Schnauzers have since become known as wonderful family pets. They’re good with kids, clever and devoted, and of course boast gorgeous good looks.

And if you’re searching for ways to spoil your Schnauzer on National Schnauzer Day, you’re in luck. No matter whether your pooch is a couch “puptato”, an active adventurer, or enjoys the finer things in life, here are 5 great ways to give your pup a “pawsome” day.

gray and black schnauzer dog wearing sunglasses sitting in an inflatable tool surrounded by beach toys

Hit the beach with your Schnauzer

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to take your dog to the beach. If your Schnauzer is a bit of a beach bum, search for the best dog-friendly beaches near you and start planning your outdoor adventure.

Some dogs love splashing in the shallows; others love doing their best Michael Phelps impression and heading for deeper water. Then there are those dogs that simply like sniffing around in the sand to check out the unfamiliar smells, sights, and sounds. However your pup likes to spend their day at the beach, let them enjoy it their own way.

You’ll also find plenty of useful safety tips in our guide to dog walking on the beach.

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Plan a pooch picnic with your Schnauzer

Blue skies, sunshine, a basket full of delicious food, and your Schnauzer by your side — sounds pretty special, right? That’s exactly what you can expect when you take your dog on a National Schnauzer Day picnic.

So pack plenty of tasty snacks for yourself and your dog, find a patch of sun in your favorite park, and spread out a blanket. After that, all you have to do is relax, stuff your face, and soak up the sunshine with your furry friend. “Pawfect”!

Spoil your Schnauzer with a weekend away

This year, September 25 falls on a Sunday, so block out the whole weekend in your calendar for a couple of days of Schnauzer shenanigans!

If you really want to go all-out for your Schnauzer, why not treat them to a stay in a dog-friendly hotel? We recommend Kimpton Hotels — the best pet-friendly hotel chain on the planet. When you book your stay, you'll even receive 1 free Walk and 1 month of Wag! Premium for free!

Once you’ve found the “pawfect” place to stay, check out what activities you and your pup can enjoy nearby. We’re talking dog-friendly parks, walking trails, restaurants, and more — all the things your Schnauzer loves doing the most.

Then, after a day full of fun and adventure, your pooch can rest their weary head in 5-star luxury. If there’s anything better than vacationing with your dog, we’re yet to discover it!

black and gray schnauzer dog wearing chef's hat surrounded by jars, bowls, and cooking utensils

Bake your Schnauzer a tasty treat

There’s something super special about home-cooked food, especially when it’s made with love. And if the best way to your dog’s heart is through their stomach, your pup will be thrilled to bits if you bake them some homemade treats.

From “furbulous” frozen treats and peanut butter delights to our favorite treat recipes of 2022, there’s a huge range of options that’ll have your dog licking their lips. You might even find that you have a very willing four-legged assistant chef who’s more than happy to make sure all mixing bowls are licked clean!

Teach your Schnauzer a trick

You’re no doubt well aware just how smart Schnauzers are. You’ll also know that, thanks to their working-dog background, Schnauzers love being given a job to do. And that’s why trick training will put a smile on your Schnauzer’s face this September 25. 

Of course, the trick you train is entirely up to you. Maybe you’d like to teach your Schnauzer to act ashamed, bring your slippers, or even carry groceries. No matter what you choose, it’ll provide great mental stimulation for your dog and a fun activity for the two of you to enjoy together. Just keep in mind that it’ll probably take more than one day for your dog to master the trick.

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Looking for more ideas for celebrating National Schnauzer Day? Download the Wag! app to treat your Schnauzer to 5-star pet care!

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