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Dog Areas in Carmel Valley

1 Trail
6 Eateries

The city of Carmel Valley, California got its name from two brothers, Byington and Tirey Ford, who established the Carmel Valley Village and the Airway Market. The Airway Market was the first general store in this city, although it had more to offer than a regular general store. It included a beauty shop, a liquor store, a drug store, and a soda fountain.

Carmel Valley is a great place to be if you want to be close to a lot of dog-friendly attractions. There are several restaurants where you and your pooch can enjoy a meal together. These restaurants serve a variety of cuisines and several of them have saloon or beer gardens where they serve signature beers and wines. All of these establishments have outdoor seating, which provides the perfect atmosphere for you and your furry friend to grab a bite to eat together and bond over your meal.

Carmel Valley also has a trail and park that you and your pooch will enjoy. This city does not have a lot of other amenities for dogs, but you will find many more dog-friendly spaces, such as restaurants, dog parks, beaches and trails, just a short drive away from this city.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Carmel Valley

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 4,407/sq mi

    #1 Garland Ranch Regional Park


    If you and your pooch enjoy hiking, you've come to the right place! The Garland Ranch Park is a great place for you and your canine pal to enjoy walking on trails and being immersed in nature. The trails are natural, so they are a mixture of dirt and grass. There are trees all along the trails to shade you from the sun. Your will love the different terrain to explore; you'll walk over hills and through some canyons, and you can also marvel at large rock formations. The best part? Your pal can even cool off in the river! But the river can be unpredictable, so keep a close eye on your pup. You will want to pack the essentials, such as extra water, supplies for cleaning up, and a snack in case you or your furry friend gets hungry. Put on your hiking shoes and see how much of this beautiful park you can explore!

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 15,677/sq mi

    #2 Northwest Carmel


    If you and your pooch want to enjoy some sand and surf, this neighborhood is the place to be. Carmel Beach is located 13 miles from Carmel Valley, California and is a local and tourist favorite. It is a very clean beach with soft sand to run and play in. The surf is calm and your pup can jump in the waves and beat the summer heat. There is a lot of parking available, and the beach provides doggy waste bags for cleaning up. Be sure to pack the essentials, such as extra water, something for shade and some extra towels to dry off with. This is a great beach to enjoy a relaxing day with your furry friend.

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 1,596/sq mi

    #3 Del Monte


    For a fun, silly day at the beach, this Sand City neighborhood is the perfect choice! It's located about 17 miles from Carmel Valley, California and is home to the Monterey State Beach. The signs at the beach say you need to have your pooch on a leash, but the website says it's fine for them to be off-leash, as do all of the reviews. Use your best judgment, and keep a close eye on your pal. Your pooch will love digging in the sand and exploring all the new sights and smells here! The surf is nice and gentle so your pooch can jump right in and have a blast in the water. You will want to bring an umbrella for shade and plenty of drinking water for both of you.

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 1,596/sq mi

    #4 Park Ave


    The California coast is chock full of beautiful beaches, and Monterey's beaches are no exception. You and your pal will want to head to Del Monte Beach, just 17 miles from Carmel Valley. This beach doesn’t have much parking, but the actual beach stretches over a large area, so if you park farther down, you'll likely find some parking. Your pooch will love running and digging in the soft sand here. You also can enjoy a nice walk on the beach with your furry friend. Keep in mind you will want to pack the essentials, such as water, something for shade and some doggy waste bags for easier clean-up. Put on your swimsuit and enjoy a splash in the water with your canine pal!

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 3,732/sq mi

    #5 Ocean Ave.


    If you and your pooch are looking to spend the afternoon shopping together, you'll find a furrific Fido-friendly shopping center in this neighborhood. The Carmel Plaza is located along Ocean Ave. and is about a half-mile from Carmel Beach. There are boutiques and places to grab a bite to eat. The courtyard has a famous (and puntastic!) fountain called The Fountain of Woof. This fountain is special for all canine friends because they can take a sip from the fountain for good luck. You and your furry friend can hang out together in the courtyard.

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