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Dog Areas in Grayslake

1 Eatery
6 Groomers

In the northern part of the state Illinois, within the rough and rugged woodlands, lies the quiet little city of Grayslake. The Grayslake area is well-traveled thanks to its dense forests and many lakes. The region offers many recreational and outdoors opportunities - from fishing and swimming in the summer to ice skating and ice hockey in the winter. Grayslake is, however, also perfect for dog owners as there are many opportunities to walk the dogs.

There are a total of four dog parks in the Lake County area. One of them is the Callahan-Franklin Dog Exercise Area, which is part of the Larsen Nature Preserve in Waukegan. This off-leash dog park is a great way for dogs in Lake County to run around fully free and socialize with other dogs. Small dogs are separated from the larger breeds, and it has ample benches, picnic tables, and shade for the owners.

The Lake County Council is looking to add a fifth dog park that is much larger than the current dog parks. The new off-leash dog park is to be constructed in Waukegan Savanna Forest Preserve and will be a massive 40 acres in size.

If you are planning to visit Grayslake, Illinois, and plan to bring your dog(s) with you, check out the Comfort Suites Grayslake as this hotel allows pets at an additional fee.

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Grayslake

  1. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 2,195/sq mi

    #1 Highland Park


    Highland Park is a 38 minute drive from Grayslake, but is home to multiple dog friendly trails and a beach-park combination. With a spectacular view, Moraine Beach is perfect for a good swim with Fido. But, you can do more than swim here! Moraine Beach is adjacent to the park, so while you are suntanning on one of the dog days of summer, your dog can discover some new terrain in the park. Dog owners are asked to show proof of vaccines before entering the area, so no need to fret over your beloved baby getting sick here. If you love going to the beach, and want to bring the four-legged love of your life, Highland Park should definitely be on your bucket list!

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  2. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,124/sq mi

    #2 Lake Forest


    Whether you prefer your dog off-leash and romping or on leash and faithfully by your side, Lake Forest has accommodations for all your furry friend’s needs. A fully fenced 40-four acre lot is devoted to your dog’s pleasure at the local dog park, where a pond meets trees and trails. Your dog is sure to have a tail-wagging time! Right down the road from the off-leash dog park, local trails twist and turn into the woods. If you’re looking for a good two-mile hiking adventure where wetlands, prairies, and woodlands coexist, then the Prairie Wolf Slough will be a natural oasis for you and your pup. If a less-traveled trail is more of your style, check out the one-mile, self-guided nature trail that is also available for all the adventures that you and pup have in store. But, the best part about Lake Forest is that it’s only 20 minutes from Grayslake!

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 2,311/sq mi

    #3 Gurnee


    Gurnee is a quaint city not too far from Grayslake, just under a 20 minute drive. The hiking trail of Des Plaines River could be the pawfect next adventure for you and Fido. Whether you are a novice hiker looking to begin your adventures with this distinctive view or an expert hiker looking for your next trail to conquer, Gurnee is a natural getaway both you and your dog will fall head-over-paws for. The local trail in this city radiates a dog loving atmosphere, including new sights and smells of the local wildlife, perfect photo opportunities, and the one-on-one time you’ve been longing for with your canine best friend. Don't miss out on the quality time you can spend with your dog in Gurnee – your pup will thank you for it!

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  4. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 1,215/sq mi

    #4 Lake Villa


    Lake Villa is only a 7 minute car ride from Grayslake, and has a beautiful 40 acre dog park. All 40 acres are enclosed, so you can feel safe letting Fido run and play off-leash with the other playful hounds. Within the bounds of the park perimeter, wetlands, fields, and wild vegetation thrive, making the local park an ideal place for dogs that love being outdoors and dirty. But don’t worry, cleaning stations are provided, amongst other luxuries, for easy cleanup before heading back. With an abundant amount of space, Lake Villa can guarantee lots of room for your dog and their new furry friends, which will make for an amazing experience in the park!

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  5. Dog Parks 1
    Population Density 120/sq mi

    #5 Libertyville


    Just a short 6 minute commute, Libertyville is one of the smaller neighboring cities to Grayslake. The local dog park, however, is highly rated amongst the park goers. The park consists of 30 acres of fenced space, as well as access to the river for a “quick” swim or two during hotter days. Dogs are welcome to romp off-leash for a few games of ball and run with other park dogs, while you rest at various shaded picnic tables and benches. On the other hand, if you are interested in hiking with your best bud, trails are also available for you to walk with your leashed canine companion.

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