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Dog Areas in Grovertown

Grovertown, Indiana is a beautiful small town. Though it’s an unincorporated community, it’s location near the county seat of Knox means Grovertown residents can enjoy amenities while keeping their small town vibe. Part of keeping their small town atmosphere is the local post office. Despite being an unincorporated community, Grovertown has its own post office and assigned zip code. This practice started way back in 1859, and has stuck since!

Dogs in Grovertown have a great life. The country atmosphere means that amazing parks and open spaces are only a short commute away. Another thing that’s close by is veterinary care; though Grovertown doesn’t have a veterinarian within its limits, Starke County has half a dozen, and some are just a fifteen minute drive from Grovertown. Dogs need never fear adventure when vet care is near!

If you’re looking for a place to spend the night, the Economy Inn in Hamlet is just up the road from Grovertown. For less than a ten minute drive, you and your pet, for a small pet fee, could be set up in a room and winding down, ready to see what else Grovertown has in store for you tomorrow. It’s a gorgeous place to be!

Best Dog Neighborhoods in Grovertown

  1. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 37/sq mi

    #1 Central Hamlet


    The Hamlet Town Park is just nine minutes from Grovertown by car. This small park makes the best use of its space, giving over a lot of it to playgrounds for children. This park is a great family destination for that reason. You can walk your dog around the perimeter of the park while the rest of the family picnics or plays. Dogs should remain on leash in the park, but there’s plenty of grass and trees for even the most curious dogs to explore. Couple that with the thrill of meeting new people, and most dogs will love it here!

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  2. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 433/sq mi

    #2 South Walkerton


    Twelve minutes from Grovertown is Scarborough Park in the nearby town of Walkerton. This large park is a community center designed to have it all. In the summer, there’s a splash pad for kids, and year round they have playgrounds, picnic grounds, and walking trails. It’s the last that your dog is going to love the most! The trails circle the outside of the park, and run through the wooded area at the back. Though they’re not very long, there’s more than enough room to get in a good workout with your dog. Bring your own bowl, as the drinking fountains are only for humans.

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  3. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 591/sq mi

    #3 West Plymouth


    No trip to Grovertown would be complete without taking your car just thirteen minutes out to see the Menominee Wetland Conservation Area. This pristine park shows that Indiana was like before it was turned to farmland, and provides a refuge for native and migratory birds and animals. Dogs are allowed in the conservation area with you, but they have to be kept on leash. You don’t want to chase the birds away! The area is a beautiful place to go for a walk through nature. Remember to bring water for yourself and your dog, as well as a doggie bowl.

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  4. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 41/sq mi

    #4 West Hamlet


    A thirteen minute drive from Grovertown takes you to Turkey Foot Wetlands Management Area in West Hamlet. Your dog will love getting out of the car into a deep, natural space. The wetlands preserve the natural habitat of many native Indiana animals, birds, and plants. Leashed dogs are welcome to explore these beautiful wilderness areas with you. Bring in your own supplies; a large water bottle and a doggie bowl for your pup are the standards, but bring snacks or anything else you require with you. Though you’ll find wonderful views and have a woofderful time, the wetlands lack a cafe.

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  5. Dog Parks 0
    Population Density 591/sq mi

    #5 Central Plymouth


    Central Plymouth is a fifteen minute drive from Grovertown and home to two amazing parks. The first, Price Memorial Park, is a small but extremely picturesque park. In addition to a playground, there’s a beautiful gazebo and a pretty pond set with trees. It’s a great place to go to walk your leashed dog surrounded by great views. You could also go to Centennial Park. This is the main park in Central Plymouth. Its size gives you plenty of room to explore grassy areas or walk laps around the equipment. There are two playgrounds, sports fields, and areas set aside for shuffleboard and more in Centennial Park.

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